Unlocked after clearing Lin's Long Day (Mission 6)
Grand quest 012 thumHopes and Regrets
Quest / Boss Energy Battles EXP EXP/Energy Rare Captures
40 5,000 125
Element Fire Hundred Tails Neochimera
Monster ills anime GQ19


  • Teams Allowed: 2
  • Cost Allowed: 1.2x of your normal cost
  • Guests:
  • Boss Skills
    • All normal attacks and DoT effects will result in only 1 damage
    • Susceptible for Curse and Injury
    • Mow Down - 5 combo Fire attack on all foes
    • Rampage - 8 combo Fire attack on all foes
    • Every 5th turn (5, 15, 25, etc.)
      • Catastrophe Breath - 8 combo Powerful Fire, Water and Thunder attack on all foes
    • Every 10th turn (10, 20, 30, etc.)
      • Hundred Tails Roar - Removes all buffs
      • Hundred Tails Rage - Lowers Def by 75% for 2 turns & adds immunity to Curse and Injury for 2 turns
      • Highly recommended to guard all other units and have one unit mitigate (with brave bursts, 50%) on turns 6, 11, etc.
      • Recommended to bring Revive Lights and Crescent Dews. For better chances of survivability, recommended to also bring Angel Idol, Goddess Idol, or units that can apply angel idol effects to your units (e.g. Merciful Beacon Charla).
    • Claw Attack - 3 combo Fire attack on single foe
    • Claw Slash - 3 combo Fire attack on all foes


  • Gold - Beat demon & saved Elise
    • To get the gold achievement, you first have to move Elise's party to Coliseum Ruins.  Then move Noah's party to Mt. Abe.  You'll fight the boss with Noah's party.
  • Silver - Saved Elise
    • To complete this achievement, you have to move Noah's party all the way up to Mt. Abe.  After that move Elise's party to Coliseum Ruins. Then you'll have to fight the boss with Noah's party.  Defeat them and you'll get your silver achievement.


Reward Objective Effect
Arena Rankings - Gem 42x42.jpg
1 Gem
First Clear
Sphere thum 3 3
Silver Knight's Crest
100% completion Boosts BB Atk & hugely boosts BC drop rate when attacking
Unit ills thum 10743
40% completion