Unlocked after defeating the Defense System in Lizeria
Grand quest 010 thumTen-Winged Tormentor
Quest / Boss Energy Battles EXP EXP/Energy Rare Captures
50 10,000 200
Unit ills thum 50275 
Unit ills thum 60255 

Notes: Side Boss(es) - Melchio
Teams Allowed: 2
Cost Allowed: 2x of current cost
Guests: Michele, Tiara, Zelban, Lodin and Duel-GX
Squad setup:

  • Squad 1: Michele as guest (For Michele's squad, you are prompted throughout the mission to add Duel-GX, Tiara, Zelban, and Lodin in that order to your team. Picking them on a slot will add them to your team, you may also take along your own units if you wish instead).
  • Squad 2: Lodin as guest, 5 slots for your team members.

Boss Notes:

  • Centurion Melchio:
  • Note: Defeating Melchio with Lodin is only for the silver achievement, do NOT defeat him if attempting one of the gold achievements. If Lodin's team is defeated, the quest will automatically continue with Michele's team.
  • Shining Aura - Negates all status ailments for 3 turns, adds all elements to attack for 3 turns & doubles normal hit count for 3 turns
  • Carnage Sphere - 11 combo powerful Light attack on all foes
  • Turn 1
    • Ten-Winged Tormentor's Force - Powerful Light attack on all foes that deals 140-150% of HP as damage
  • Every 6 turns
    • Cruel Re-Destruction - Huge (600%) Light attack on single foe & heals 99,999 HP
  • Every 10 turns
    • Guards. Uses True Memories of Despair next turn
    • True Memories of Despair - 9 combo apocalyptic (1000%) Light attack on all foes & 50,000 fixed damage attack on all foes
  • At < 50% HP
    • Cruel Re-Destruction now used every 3 turns instead of 6
    • Purple Splendor - 9 combo powerful Light attack on all foes that deals 100-120% of HP as damage & adds 2 turn 30% chance, 50% Atk, Def Down effects to attack for 3 turns
  • You also face Melchio with all of Michele's squad.
    • With Duel GX, Tiara, Zelban, and Lodin as guests - Once you have reduced Melchio's HP to around 30%, it will transform into Legatus Melchio and perform a massive AoE that will wipe out your team. You cannot survive this attack because it causes no damage, it forcibly instant KO's all party members. When you lose, the game will continue on to the next cutscene.
    • Without the 4 guests - Once you reduce Melchio's HP to 0, the quest ends here (bronze achievement given).
  • When you face Melchio with Michele alone, once you lose, the game will continue on.
  • Legatus Melchio - Can inflict ATK and DEF down and Sickness with regular attacks.
    • Shining Celica - Boosts ATK for all Light types, Negates status ailments, and increases normal attack hit count for 3 turns.
    • Ultimate Angel - Used every 4 turns. Massive multi hit AoE attack. Mitigation is recommended.
    • Astral Mana - Adds Fire, Water, Earth, Thunder, and Light elements to ATK and reduces damage from Fire, Water, Earth, and Thunder elements for 3 turns, and recovers around 45,000 to 50,000 HP.
    • Saturnia Anthem - Used at 50%, 25%, and 10% HP. Massive Multi AoE attack, negates all status ailments, adds Light type to attacks, boosts ATK for Light types, number of normal hit count increases, adds chance of inflicting Sick, Curse, and Poison when attacking, and adds chance of inflicting REC down and DEF down when attacking; all for 3 turns.
  • Legatus Melchio and Duel-SGX
    • Duel-SGX will do nothing this battle other than Gathering Energy. Legatus Melchio will do regular attacks and Shining Celica, also some AoE attacks. Melchio's defense is very low in this battle. Regardless of which Gold path you take, once Melchio's HP reaches 50% or below, the battle ends.


  • Gold 1 - Beat Melchio with Duel-GX intact
    • Bring the team with 5 NPCs. Kill Melchio 5* and 6* forms, and then when you battle Melchio and Duel-SGX, normal attack Duel-SGX until he reaches 30% HP. To do this, use Michele and Zelban BB only and use Lodin SBB every 3 turns. When you get Duel-SGX to 30% HP, "Code 666" is canceled. Then you can focus Melchio to 50% HP.
  • Gold 2 - Beat Melchio by losing Duel-GX (Bring Melchio to 50% HP with Duel-GX at more than 30% HP)
  • Silver - Lodin beat Melchio
  • Bronze - Kill Melchio without picking up all 5 of the NPCs. The other units can be your own.


Reward Objective Effect
Arena Rankings - Gem 42x42.jpg
1 Gem
First Clear
Sphere thum 2 1
100% completion Probable 25% dmg cut, 30% boost to Def, slight elemental dmg boost & boosts BB gauge, HP each turn
Unit ills thum 20302
Sphere Frog
70% completion
Unit ills thum 10313
1x Burst Emperor
30% Clear
Sphere thum 5 6
Thorn Crown
Beat Melchio with Duel-GX intact Boosts BB gauge every turn & slightly boosts BB gauge when damaged
Unit ills thum 50612
Almighty Imp Arton
Beat Melchio by losing Duel-GX
Arena Rankings - Gem 42x42.jpg
3 Gems
Lodin beat Melchio
Unit ills thum 40432
3x Vigor Imp Molin
Michele and friends beat Melchio