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​Embark on a new and exciting adventure that is about to begin in Grand Gaia. Fight along with Grahdens, Tilith, Seria, Karl, Lugina, or Paris to overcome the extreme challenges of Grand Quest and gain awesome rewards as you complete each mission and/or reach certain achievements. Prove that you are bound to become a legendary Summoner.

How to access

You can access Grand Quest via the Quest or Vortex Gate button on the Home screen. There will be a Flag button at the top right of the screen.

Summary and Mechanics

Grand Quest is a huge group of Quests that multiple squads go on. The story separates into branches depending on your actions, so multiple endings are possible. Also, some Quests have different conditions for clearing.

Squads and Friends

Each Quest in Grand Quest has a required number of Squads. If you can't create the required number, you can't go on that Quest. Each Quest also has a set limit for the total Cost of your Squads. Note that you don't necessarily have to fill every slot. Other teams can have 1 member if you feel confident.

Once you start a mission, you are NOT allowed to change squads. Certain boss battles may allow you to reconfigure your squads.

You can select a Friend's leader unit to be your Helper Summoner as usual. But if "Guest" or "Reserved" appears in a Squad's Friend spot, you can't select a Friend for that Squad.

Navigating the Map

The currently selected Squad is indicated by a gold icon. You can select a different Squad by tapping the Squad button on the bottom right of the screen. When you tap a point on the map, the Squad that can reach that location will move there. If a point on the Map is grayed out, you can't move there.

On the Map, there are icons for Bosses and powerful Enemies. Move to one to start a battle. There are also icons that indicate an event will occur if you meet special conditions. Some routes are locked, indicated by a door icon. You can open them by meeting certain conditions.


It is possible to save your progress by tapping the Pause button and return to the Home screen. Only one Quest's save data can be stored at a time. If you pause a Quest, the saved data from the last time you paused will be overwritten.


Quest Clear rewards vary depending on your actions during that Quest. Some rewards can only be claimed once whereas others have no limit eg. Brave Medals.

Fulfilling certain requirements will raise your Quest progress. You will get rewards at specific progress milestones and a special reward at 100%.