Item frame 2 Materials
Fujin's Eye
Item thum 706
Item Lore:
This strange crystal sparkles based on the spiritual energy of its holder. It was named a war god famous for accurately anticipating his opponent's abilities. It's rare in both Elgaia and Grand Gaia, but there are rumors that the priest hiding in St. Lamia's sacred grounds may be hiding some.
A crystal that sparkles based on the spiritual energy of its holder.
Sale Price: Zell thum 30 Zel
Extra Skill:

Crafts Into
Item thum 21000 Fujin Potion 1

How to Obtain
  • Cordelica - Lomass Forest - Master of Lomass
  • St. Lamia - Volcano Edent - Wings of the Flaming Skies: Lava
  • St. Lamia - Sacred Mt. Craylia - The Spring of Power: Captain Mega
  • Agni - Agni Empire - Hotatsu Dance
  • Agni - Ocean Shrine Albina - Trespasser into the Mind (around 20+, with fair amount of God Stones and Koka Nuts)
  • Lanara - Alnakeid Castle - Call of the Storm (around 20+, with more God Stones but slightly less Koka Nuts on average)
  • Vortex - Wandering Spirit lv. 4 onwards
  • Atharva
  • Bariura - Ancient Dragon's Wood - The Dragon's Welcome (2)