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Element Secret Unknown
Gender Gender female Female
Eyes Magenta
Hair Blonde
Currently Bariura (deceased)

Feleen is a NPC from the Grand Quest: The End of An Empire. She is the Seventh Imperial Princess of Bariura Empire.


During the Great War, Feleen spends most of her time helping Selvia, mainly to relay the news that Melina finds a space distortion that can be used to travel to another world. At one point, Selvia orders her to deliver a heirloom to Berdette.


Feleen is very obedient to Selvia's words. However, she tends to be impatient and a bit foul-mouthed to her other half-siblings.



Selvia saved Feleen's life during the latter's childhood. This is the reason why Feleen is very loyal to Selvia.


  • In the gold achievement's route, Feleen accompanies Selvia and their father to another world, instead of Sirius.