Item frame 3 Spheres

Famous Blade
Sphere icon status boost
Sphere thum 1 3
Item Lore:
This blade was made by the swordsmith Sorgel, who played an active part in the war against gods. Swords by Sorgel were known for their excellent balance between hardness and sharpness, as well as their durable construction. Among all of his works, the Famous Blade is the most well-known, it's said that even the Emperor of the Agni Empire longed to have it be his.
Boosts Atk by 5%
Sale Price: Zell thum 500 Zel
Trade Value: Achievement p thum 5 Merit Points
Rarity: 1

Facility sphere
Item thum 502 Green Claw 5
Karma thum Karma

Base Materials
Item thum 502 Green Claw 5

Crafts Into
Sphere thum 1 2 Holy Blade 1
Sphere thum 4 5 Skill Bracer 1