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Element Element Earth Earth
Gender Gender female Female
Eyes Blue
Hair White
Unit Counterpart Faelan

Faelan is a Non-Player Character (NPC) in the game. She is the curse keeper of the Isengrim.

Debut Appearance


Faelan was an aspiring White Wulf, the title for the strongest warrior of the Isengrim. After the Forest Mother was afflicted by the Fuinsignum, Faelan took the curse on herself to save the Forest Mother. After this, Faelan traveled to the island of Fuindor.




Faelan, as she appears on the Brave Spring Festival 2017 promotion

Notable Relationships


Faelan often acts rash towards Gabriela. Upon meeting her, Faelan thought of Gabriela to be an annoyance that she referred to Gabriela as "Dead thing" and went as far as not caring if she died. Faelan and Gabriela learned to cope with each other as they adventure off in Gunegarth with Adriesta and Ilm.


Faelan grows to be quite fond of Adriesta, referring to her as "Fire wood girl". Upon taking a rest, Faelan and Adriesta shared their feelings towards each other about how much they miss their friends. After adventuring with each other throughout the Raid X5 mission series, Adriesta considers Faelan to be part of her "pack", a reference to how Faelan refers to family.


  • Faelan's artwork was first showcased on "Monthly Events for March" in the Important News updates, which is prior to the time the artwork was added into the game's data.
  • It is possible that Faelan is based off of Momiji Inubashiri from the Touhou Project video game series, as both characters have "Awoo" as their catchphrases.
    • Faelan's Omni name "White Wulf Faelan" could also be a reference to the species "White Wolf Tengu".