Event Duration: Feb 10, 2:00 to Mar 6, 1:59 PST

Note: Bringing Healers (Like God Phoenix & God Tree Eltri) is beneficial for going far in Frontier Hunter. 
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Stage Monsters One-time Rewards for clearing certain waves Additional Info (Tips)
1 Burny, Squirty, Mossy, Sparky
2 Witch Liza, Priest Merith, Geomancer Claris, Dancer May Metal King
3 Medusa x2, Unicorn x2 30,000 Zel
4 Pegasus, Zahhak 1 Metal God
5 Juggernaut 1 Gem
6 Fire Nymph, Water Nymph, Earth Nymph, Thunder Nymph, Light Nymph and Dark Nymph
7 Head Thief Leon, Plunderer Verica, Head Bandit Zaza, Sky Boss Grafl 100,000 Zel
8 Jewel Ghost x2
9 Pegasus, Zahhak, Luna, Mifune 2 Metal God
10 Mimic x4
11 Fire, Water, Earth, Thunder, Light and Dark Spirits
12 Demon Abaddon 2 Gems
13 Lilin, Priestess Maria
14 Salamander, Rantoul, Trent, Sylph
15 Holy Knight Atro, Fire King Vargas, Earth Pike Lance 300,000 Zel
16 Valkyrie, Succubus
17 Bat Mimic x3
18 Ice Queen Selena, Thunder King Eze, Black Magress 3 Metal God
19 Jewel King x2
20 Creator Maxwell

3 Gems

21 Wild Metal Ghost, Wild Jewel Ghost 2,000 base damage.
22 God Knight Will Gains Atk/Def Buff at 25%
23 Death God Lodaga 3400+ damage BB
24 Rameldria Attack randomly Paralyzes targets
25 Scythe God Alice 500,000 Zel Drains 500-600 on Atk, 3500-4500 on BB
26 Queen Lidith, Commander Weiss, Holy Queen Luna Holy Crown

Weiss: +Atk Buff to all

Lidith: BB causes Poison and Weakness on targets

27 Emilia, Samurai Mifune, Hot Chef Lancia 4 Metal God

Emilia: BB Paralyzes targets,

Lancia: BB Heals 2000-3000 and gives Atk Buff

28 Firedrake, Undine, World Tree Altro, King Behemoth Soul Spear Altro: Heals 2500-3500
29 God Atro, Death Magress 6 Metal God
30 Ice Goddess Selena, Fire God Vargas, Thunder God Eze, Nature God Lance Hero Sphere