Item frame 6 Boosters

Experience Serum
Item thum 92300
Item Lore:
A new variety of medicinal tablet developed by the Akras Summoners' Hall. Made by mixing the juice from multiple otherworldly medicinal plants with several drops of Experience Tonic, it grants an immense one-time boost to EXP for Summoners. According to one worker tasked with compounding the medicine, the Hall makes it bitter deliberately in order to accommodate one Elder Summoner's view that "good medicine tastes bad."
Multiplies experience by 2 after Quest is cleared
Does not include Summoner Art Experience
Sale Price: Zell thum 1,000 Zel
Extra Skill:
How to Obtain
  • Purchase for 2 gems in Summoner Arc's Shop
Trivia, Additional Information & Notes
  • These last for 1 quest instead of 30 mins, hence 30 are given upon purchase