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Evil God Kajah
No. 578
Element Element Dark Dark
Gender Gender none Genderless
Rarity 6
Max Lv. 100
Cost 27
Arena Type 3
Hit Count/BB Fill
Normal 6
BB 10 25Battle crystal icon
SBB 15 45Battle crystal icon
(70Battle crystal icon total)
Drop Check/Multiplier
Normal 12Icon dc(2Icon dc/hit)
BB 10Icon dc(1Icon dc) 220%
SBB 15Icon dc(1Icon dc) 750%

Unit ills thum 60475
Unit ills full 60475

Unit ills anime 60475

"If I was able to come back to this world...
it must mean that you need my powers of judgment.
Let's punish all criminals!"

"The secret art of Fusion that was created by humans...
It is incredible, yet terrifying.
I wonder if it changed the way humans were judged."

"According to our contract,
let's release the evil that is my power!
We should move forward holding onto our crimes."

Unit Lore:
A god that was once imprisoned for having committed a grave crime. During the great war against the humans he learned that the goddess Zellha set off to the oppressed Bariura Empire in order to settle a personal grudge. Fearing total chaos and annihilation of the area, Kajah prevented her from entering the empire, leaving him to carry out the same role in her stead. Having exposed himself as the god of judgment, he then had to strictly judge a great number of criminals and sinners mercilessly. He was greatly feared by many.
Base 4,310 1,731 1,343 1,027
Lord 6,059 2,232 1,751 1,355
Anima 6,802 2,232 1,751 1,157
Breaker 6,059 2,430 1,553 1,355
Guardian 6,059 2,232 1,949 1,256
Oracle 6,059 2,232 1,652 1,652
Max Imp Unit ills thum 40432 750
Unit ills thum 10452 400
Unit ills thum 20442 200
Unit ills thum 30432 300
Final, in-game stats may differ slightly
Leader Skill: Supreme Demon Power
Great boost to Atk of units with 30% HP or less
100% boost
Brave Burst: Damballa
10 combo powerful Dark attack on all enemies & probable Injury effect
60% chance to inflict
Super BB: Morteisma
15 combo massive Dark attack on all enemies & probable Injury effect
80% chance to inflict
Hidden buff value(s) is/are based on unit's max levelled BB/SBB (10).
Value(s) may be lower if the level is not at max.
Chain Unit ills thum 60473 Unit ills thum 60474 Evolve arrow sm Unit ills thum 60475 Evolve arrow sm Unit ills thum 60476
Prev Cost Unit ills thum 50354 Unit ills thum 60123 Unit ills thum 60123 Unit ills thum 60144 Unit ills thum 60224
Zell thum500,000 Zel
Next Cost Unit ills thum 60344  Unit ills thum 50354 Unit ills thum 60123 Unit ills thum 60224 Item thum 111000
Zell thum1,500,000 Zel

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