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Emperor of Bariura
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Artwork from Grand Quest
Element Secret Unknown
Gender Gender male Male
Eyes Magenta
Hair White
Currently Vilanciel (deceased)

The Emperor of Bariura is a NPC from the Grand Quest: The End of An Empire. He is the last Emperor of Bariura, as well as the older brother of Chrome.


During his reign, he turns his children into his pawns to expand his influence or to defend the empire during the war. He is the one who turns the Eighth Imperial Princess into a living weapon, and assigns her sister, the Second Imperial Princess, to guard the Eighth princess secretly. He is also known to be particularly unforgiving to his own kin and it was said that his reign was full of terror.

He goes to another world during the Great War together with the Crown Prince and the First Imperial Princess to capture that world’s guardian, and takes it to Bariura in order to gain an upper hand against the gods. Soon after he arrives, he orders a member of imperial family to create another beast to challenge the guardian. Unfortunately, the demonic beast then must be sealed away because it is too difficult to control. As if it isn’t enough, the mission to capture the guardian failed; many soldiers dies and the Emperor himself sustained a grievous wound that he passes away soon after.




The emperor of Bariura was responsible for murdering Magresses parents. Although they never met, Magress killed a multitude of knights and gods in revenge and wrath in his attempts to find the emperor. This would inadvertently lead to Magress becoming a target for the gods causing him to become one of the six heroes and ultimately failing to get his revenge.


The Supervisor of all the Bariuran mages. The emperor trusted him deeply.


  • The Emperor of Bariura only appears in the route for golden achievement in the Grand Quest.
  • The sacred crystal(sphere)'s lore mentioned that the emperor looked into it and saw an ominous smile.
  • According to Alice's Omni lore, it is believed that the emperor was suffering from a curse of some sort.