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Element Thunder
Gender female

Dungeon battle arena
Unit ills anime 40122

Unit ills full 40122

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A dual-wielding general mentioned in the records of the ruined Atharva Republic. She distinguished herself in battle by using a technique she developed herself. Minstrels of her day sang of her climb to the rank of general. Popular with the people, songs said she was "as furious as thunder, fighting as though she were dancing." This earned her the title, "Thunder Dancer."

No. Element Rarity Max Lv. Cost
162 Thunder ★★★ 40 5
Base 2,000 700 650 500
Lord 3,120 924 871 875
Anima 3,413 924 871 797
Breaker 3,120 1,002 793 875
Guardian 3,120 846 949 875
Oracle 3,003 924 871 992
Final, in-game stats may differ slightly.
Leader Skill: Thunder Spirit's Power
25% boost to Atk Power of Thunder Types
Brave Burst: Cross Layer Blitz
5 combo Thunder elemental power attack on single Enemy & probable Paralysis effect
BB Gauge Fill: Battle crystal icon25 BC
Normal Attack BB SBB
Hit Count 4-Hit Combo 5 --
Chain Unit ills thum 40122 Evolve arrow sm Unit ills thum 40123 Unit ills thum 40124 Unit ills thum 40125
Cost Unit ills thum 40131 Unit ills thum 40131 Unit ills thum 40131 Unit ills thum 40132
+Zell thum100,000 Zel
How to Obtain

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