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Gameplay | Elements

Elemental relation

Fire Earth Thunder Water Light Dark
Fire - BattleAttBetterIcon - BattleAttWorseIcon - -
Earth BattleAttWorseIcon - BattleAttBetterIcon - - -
Thunder - BattleAttWorseIcon - BattleAttBetterIcon - -
Water BattleAttBetterIcon - BattleAttWorseIcon - - -
Light - - - - - BattleAttBetterIcon
Dark - - - - BattleAttBetterIcon -

Symbol Explanation:

BattleAttBetterIcon = Strong  BattleAttWorseIcon = Weak

Units relate to each other through their different elements. Their elements either help them gain advantages or place them at disadvantages during battles. Understand the strengths of your unit and elemental traits so you can place yourself in a strategic advantage against your foes.

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