Item frame 3 Spheres

Demon Bow
Sphere icon status ailment
Sphere thum 4 8
Item Lore:
In search for revenge, one man sold his soul to a demon and received a weapon of dark magic in its stead. Surpassing the height of an ordinary man, even if this Demon Bow misses the vital points of an enemy, it will still cause their body to rot away. The only thing known about this man is that his whereabouts suddenly became unknown after he exacted his revenge. Only the cursed bow remained hence, giving birth to numerous tragedies one after the other.
Adds chance of inflicting a random status ailment when attacking
7% chance to inflict curse, poison and paralysis and 10% chance to inflict sickness, injury and weakness
Sale Price: Zell thum 6,000 Zel
Trade Value: Achievement p thum 100 Merit Points
Rarity: 4
Extra Skill: