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Crest Seal
Item thum 1105
Item Lore:
A crystal embedded in the hilt of Heresy Demon Kalon's sword. It seems to be no more than decoration at a glance, but a complex crest is engraved within it. This crest normally does not hold any meaning, but its effects become evident when exposed to a specific type of magic. Some theorize that this may be closely connected to the power of the seal that Kalon holds.
A crystal embedded in the sword of Heresy Demon Kalon.
Sale Price: Zell thum 50 Zel
Extra Skill:
How to Obtain
  • Raid Battle - Kalon: Main Body & Sword
  • Colosseum
    • Stage 59, Blue Chest, 8,500 CBP (1 piece)
    • Stage 78, Red Chest, 16,000 CBP (2 pieces)
    • Stage 88, Red Chest, 17,000 CBP (2 pieces)
    • Stage 92, Red Chest, 8,500 CBP (1 piece)
    • Stage 98, Blue Chest, 17,000 CBP (2 pieces)