Unlike the first two incarnations of the Sphere Founders, these six Units all connected through various timelines; before, during and after the great war of the gods against humanity. Their deeds were later embodied into spheres:

  • Piany -> Piany Flower - Initially a fairy who could turn into a flower who was corrupted into a demon to defend the Principality of Vriksha against the invasion led by the Agni Empire.
  • Drevas -> Drevas  A demon born from Grand Gaia who was lonesome and had the ability to turn beings into demons thanks to the crystals he used with the same properties as that from Ishgria. He was later turned into the very Demon Pike that Lance, one of the Six Heroes, used.
  • Reud -> Spirit Tiara - An Emperor who asked the scientists in his homeworld to find the way to evolve humanity. This would result in the destruction of his homeworld and ultimately, his disappearance into a trap laid by the gods.
  • Vermilion -> Phoenix Crown - An important figure of Agni's history as she conquered many lands in order to expand the Agni Empire. She later confronted a demon that rivaled her powers and unleashed her true power to defeat it.
  • Kiravel -> Thunder Pearl - Initially a gentle dragon living in the mountains of the Sama Region who had been a target of many people, due to the legend that one would gain immortality whilst bathing in its blood. A certain dragoon later offered an item that symbolized its symbiotic relationship with the dragon.
  • Febros -> Ishrion - A disciple who could change into any weapon or armor who watched over Grahdens while he ventured towards Grand Gaia and fought alongside him in his journeys. He eventually began to feel his life was at an end and turned himself into a spear that Grahdens would later wield under the name that the disciple told him.

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