The Saviors of Palmyna (alternatively known as the Four Heroes) is an in-game group consisting of Dean, Loch, Edea, and Lorand and can all be summoned through the Rare Summon gate. They have 3-star base units and can be evolved up to Omni (Edea and Loch) and 6-star (Lorand and Dean) rarities.

They were a group that fought the gods to protect Palmyna, an in-game country. It was believed they had sacrificed their lives in sealing Cardes, the commander of the gods. However, the country of Palmyna was ruined from the attack by the gods. It was later revealed Dean, Loch, and Lorand were protected by Edea's armor. Dean, Loch, and Lorand awoke in different areas of Palmyna, while Edea remained in a deep sleep.

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