These units lived in an important yet dark history in Grand Gaia and Ishgria. These heroes wielded the power of the Sacred Treasures: mighty artifacts the gods deemed too powerful to be possessed by humans. Their skills reflect the treasure they wield.

  • Rineth - wieldsSacred Crystal (Used the crystal to fight for humans but was hunted by the gods. Later fought a demon)
  • Quartz - wieldsSacred Staff (Was exiled because of his defiance, he later gave the name of the Sacred Treasures)
  • Duran - wieldsSacred Blade (Used the Sacred Blade to protect the goddess who gave it to him but later sealed the weapon away.)
  • Mahalu - wieldsSacred Axe (Was persecuted by the gods along with the human whom she gave another treasure to.)
  • Nadore - wieldsSacred Lance (Said to be the embodiment of the Sacred Lance.)
  • Charis - wieldsSacred Dagger (Guardian of the Sacred Treasures, said to kill whoever gains knowledge of the treasures)

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