These heroes participated in a battle that was to be the prelude before the legendary war with the Gods. This unlikely band of misfits united to defeat a messenger of the gods named Melchio.

  • Michele ― leader of → the group that banded together to fight Melchio (a guiding force that bolsters the rest of her party in the final fight against Melchio).
  • Tiara ― timid companion of → Michele (born from a union both holy and demonic; only accepted by Michele, who took her in)
  • Zelban ― fights alongside → Michele, Tiara, Lodin, and Duel-GX against Melchio (father of the La Veda style of fencing, taught Atro this style)
  • Lodin ― fights together with → Michele, Tiara, Zelban, and Duel-GX against Melchio (originally a solo knight)
  • Melchio ― messenger of → the Gods (serves as the first lore-mentioned antagonist of godly alignment; the destroyer of Duel-GX's home world). After its defeat, its functionalities stopped until the extinction of the humans of Grand Gaia, now fighting mindlessly with a vow to defeat the Fallen Gods. Melchio later turned out to be one of the Six Armors created by a scientist from another world.
  • Duel-GX ― fights together with → Michele, Tiara, Zelban, and Lodin against Melchio (born from another world which was destroyed). After Duel-GX initiated its self-destruct mechanism, only its pieces remained. Later, Duel-GX turned out to be another one of Six Armors created by the the same scientist who had created Melchio.

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