Oracle Knights batch consists of the comrades of Ark and Ilia in the battle against Karna Masta.

  • Ruby ― A fox-girl who was saved by Ark. She then followed Ark and died protecting the Oracle Knight. Bears a romantic feeling towards Ark, often bickering with Dion.
  • Medina ― A former candidate of Oracle Knight, but then lost to Ark. She followed Ark although she hates him, because she wanted to protect Ilia. Later, Yuura used her corpse to battle Karna Masta.
  • Dion ― Lost after he challenged Ark into a duel, then decided to follow him.
  • Balgran ― Ilia's brother, and the one who defeated the injured Claire, Colt, and Fadahl.
  • Rinon ― Medina and Ilia's close friend who relinquished candidacy of Oracle Maiden. Later followed Ark to the battle against Karna Masta.
  • Yuura ― Sent by Shida to kill Ark. Later followed the Oracle Knight. He used his friend's corpses in the battle, and continue fighting using his own corpse until his body disintegrated in the battle against Karna Masta.

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