These units have all tapped into the magical power that they innately hold, whether deep within them, or in the armor they wear. Each one hails from one of the ruined elemental empires and has had interactions with units released in the past.

  • Dia ― was approached byAgni (was asked to join the Agni Imperial Army, declined the offer)
  • Lucina ― is close friends withSelena ANDis the daughter ofMega (born between Mega & her mother, who was the ruler of all deep ocean life)
  • Darvan ― is comrades withDouglas (told by Douglas the special power that dwells within his armor)
  • Bran ― was mentor toWeiss, Shida, and Rashil (all are embarrassed to say he was their mentor)
  • Themis ― has an affection towardsWill (disliked by Aem, respected by Magress)
  • Eric ― was friends withMagress' father (later aided Magress against the gods)

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