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These units are the first few Summoners during the establishment of the Akras Summoners' Hall. Starting off in a simple life in Elgaia, they later became Summoners of the Hall and wrote multiple histories during the Hall's timeline. They are the first Unit batch with a cost of 42 at 7* Rarity and have the unique ability to buff their allies with Elements that are weak and strong to each other (i.e.: Griff buffs with Fire and Water, Rhoa buffs with Thunder and Earth, Kafka buffs with Dark and Light, etc.).

All of them later, along with the newly-appointed commander of 10th Squadron of the Demon Slayers teamed up to join the covert Ishgria Recon Mission in which they were assigned to explore the region of Ishgria. Unfortunately, they all lost their lives after setting foot of the region as they were decimated one by one, leaving Mirfah as the only survivor.

  • Griff - Former commander of the 4th Squadron of the Demon Slayers and the leader of the group. Explored the Agni region. Killed by Shusui.

  • Iris - Former commander of the 5th Squadron of the Demon Slayers. Formerly a civil official of the Randall Empire until she was accused of being a spy for the Elgaia Federation. Killed by Mora.

  • Libera - Former commander of the 8th Squadron who explored the Vriksha region. Formerly a noble of the Randall Empire and an Imperial Guard, she was disowned by her own family after she decided to join the Summoners' Hall. Died along with Krantz after the bloody struggle against Kalon.

  • Rhoa - Former commander of the 7th Squadron and the man responsible for the development of the Summoners' Research Lab. Explored the Atharva region which caused the contribution of the Research Lab. Well known for his never-ending feud with fellow Summoner, Kafka. Died together with Kafka after a battle against the Demon Beast.

  • Krantz - Former commander of the 9th Squadron and explored the region of Lizeria. Has high expectations due to his remarkable talent. However, he has a terrible relationship with machines. Best friend of Mirfah. He died along with Libera after the bloody struggle against Kalon.

  • Kafka - Former commander of the 6th Squadron and explored the Bariura region. She is well known for her never-ending feud with Rhoa. The research she have conducted in Bariura caused her physical appearance to change. Died after the battle against a Demon Beast.

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