The Ishgria Demons II consists of creatures and demons that are native to the land of Ishgria.

  • Adel ― a demon with ambition to rule the entirety of Ishgria through victory of his country, Mildran. After causing a great war, he gave up his path and became a liason for peace alongside his lover, Savia. Father of Mora.
  • Savia ― the demon queen of Estria who strove for peace in Ishgria. She and Adel fell in love and were persecuted for their worldview. Mother of Mora.
  • Cyan ― a loyal servant of Estria, she strove to protect Savia with her life. She ended up fighting Tenebrous Wings Reviora in a fight to the death - however, the victor of the battle is unclear.
  • Eldora ― a dragon who is befriended Jed. Caused an era of pure chaos once Jed died because of the grief it caused him.
  • Jed ― a loyal servant of Mildran, who followed Adel's ideals until he decided to be a pacifist. Unhappy with this turn of events, he took the kingdom away from his former master and persecuted him. Friend of Electrical Storm Eldora.
  • Reviora ― a dragon who wants nothing more than to plunge the world into chaos and darkness. When the kingdoms of Mildran and Estria made an alliance, he attacked them, but was warded off by Cyan.

Note: not to be confused with Ishgria Demons.

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