The Ishgria Demons consists of creatures and demons that are native to the land of Ishgria. They have connections to the Demon Lords of Ishgria in the past and / or present.

  • Magnazorda ― a dragon with live fire in its body. Boasting incredible power to even cause a volcanic eruption with its powers. It enjoys fighting a certain someone as a means of friendly rivalry.
  • Zerafalgar ― a dragon that has the ocean's spirit within it. It can cause massive tidal waves with its wrath.
  • Oguro ― a demon sage who rules over a large territory. With great possession of knowledge in order to rule one land. However, one day, one of his pupils took over his position. Since then, Oguro left in silence until he find a way to search for knowledge again.
  • Rize ― a demon known as "The God of Destruction". She was born from a Demon, and was hunted down due to her destructive nature. Rize is also known as a demon who live her own lifestyle, wandering anywhere her heart wanted, and has no interest in anything. That was until she found a demon whom she considered as a mortal enemy.
  • Raaga ― a demon who devoted himself to the essence of war, known as the 'god of martial arts', his only desire is to fight stronger opponents. He is well versed in all sorts of weaponry. He raised 'a half-dead youngster' to turn him into a worthy opponent, only to be defeated himself.
  • Aaron ― a demon whose powers are sealed away by his older brother. He then travels around Ishgria to find the pieces of his powers in hopes of fighting his brother again. However, he lost his will to fight after retrieving his lost powers and decided to leave Ishgria behind.


  • This group is not to be confused with Ishgria Demons II.
  • Rize can be evolved into its Omni Evolution Form.

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