The Gods' Loyalists are all humans who have turned their back on humanity and pledged their allegiance to the Gods instead, becoming part of their army and assisting them with the extermination of the human race. It was later turned out that each of them was asked by a certain knight to hunt down the Six Heroes. Each one has encountered one of the Six Heroes of the opposing elements.

  • Ulkina ― targetedSelena (Strong candidate to be one of the 12 Guardians of the Gods; defeated by Ice Legend Selena with the sacrifice of Azure Goddess Lucina)
  • Kuhla ― betrays the → Sama Imperial Army (Asked by Ark to attack one of Six Heroes, later attacks Eze; and is killed by him).
  • Tia ― appeared in front ofVargas (enraged by Vargas repelling the forest animals; turns against humans and is killed by Vargas because of this)
  • Rowgen ― greatly weakensLance (Drevas' power allows Lance to take down Rowgen)
  • Narza  ― assaultedMagress (Kills Magress's friends, is then killed by Magress)
  • Kuda ― killed byAtro (Hired by Ark. Holds several children hostage and traps Atro into giving up his life)

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