Units who have fallen from their place as gods for committing heinous crimes against the higher gods or otherwise. Four of them have encountered the four of heroes of from the ruined kingdoms, as follows:

  • Luther ― killedDouglas (later resurrected)
  • Phee ― almost killedLava (Lava sacrificed her wings to Vargas on the brink of death, and then Phee left. Lava later resurrected, and Phee went looking for her again.)
  • Nalmika ― came close to killingEmilia (saved by Eze)
  • Uda ― was about to engage in combat withMega (Mega was instead attacked by Stya)

The other two have fought with each other, as follows:

  • Zellha ― tricked and manipulated → Kajah (Zellha later gets tricked herself by Shida)
  • Kajah ― sets out to stop and settle a personal grudge with → Zellha (stays in the Bariura Empire to judge criminals in Zellha's stead)

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