The Dragon War was a battle which took place in Bariura; happening simultaneously at the start of the Gods' invasion on Grand Gaia.

  • Arus ― fought withRagshelm (Met Priscilla while hunting for Ragshelm. Was saved by Shera during the battle against Farvnil)
  • Belfura ― went to huntRagshelm (attacked Shera's party but decided to join. Went on to single-handedly fight Borgeus)
  • Ragshelm ― was awoken byVarfed (destroyed Priscilla's kingdom. Gravely injured by Arus. Was aided by Borgeus)
  • Shera ― protectedArus and his party (saved Arus from Farvnil's attack. Fought with Belfura; determined to save the human race)
  • Priscilla  ― accompaniedArus (queen of a small country in Bariura which was destroyed by Vael. Met Arus while searching for Ragshelm)
  • Borgeus ― caused havoc forArus and his party (wanted to fight strong opponents. Awoke Vael to destroy Priscilla's country)

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