These units were disciples of a god at some sort, with the exception of Tazer and Kira. They grew too strong and rebellious to control and were trapped in a barrier in Ishgria to fight with and kill each other.

  • Alpha - served Zevalhua the Supreme. Attacked her and, with the help of Mare, received a fatal wound. A more powerful god sealed him in a barrier to heal his wounds, but it was a trap.
  • Tazer - served no specific god. His friend incurred the wrath of Beast God Afla Dilith and was absorbed by him. Enraged, Tazer retaliated and was defeated with the help of Zurg and forced to flee. He was then tricked into entering the barrier.
  • Tora - served Cardes the Malevolent. She was branded by Cardes and Zebra as a traitor because she would not participate in a sinister ritual. A high ranking god tricked her into entering a barrier.
  • Kanon - served Creator Maxwell. Attacked Maxwell when he deemed her too weak to rule anymore. He suffered grave wounds and went into a barrier at the request of a higher god.
  • Kira - refused to serve any god. Challenged Karna Masta to a fight and was defeated by him. He was then sealed in a barrier by a high ranking god.
  • Feeva - served Karna Masta. She left Karna Masta and, after committing several heinous crimes, was sealed away in a barrier.

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