These Units play a huge role during the dawn of their new lives in Elgaia after they escaped Grand Gaia during the last stages of the great war of the humans and the gods led by the Leaders of the Great Escape; Reed, Lucana and his friends.

They have founded various organizations such as the Imperial Guard in Imperial Capital Randall. These Units lived on before the founding of the Arkas Summoners' Hall.

  • Limera & Rouche → are the children of → Reed and Lucana → Limera studied magic at a young age and ran away from home then later became a member of the Randall Guard. Rouche has high expectations of his comrades and his parents and became the Randall Guard's commanding officer.
  • Farzen → A swordsman shrouded in mystery and his true origins are unknown to most. Said to have been chased by priests in Grand Gaia during the great war, he later became a member of the Randall Guard in order to slay demonic beasts.
  • Estelle → Studied Weiss' tactical works and later served the Randall Guard as their head strategist.
  • Julius → Rescued as a child by Grafl and Falma during the great war and ventured with them together. Idolizing his heroes, he wields a gun and a sword as a self-taught air pirate. He became the demon slayer specialist of the Randall Guard.
  • Laberd → A swordsman who was rescued and left as an orphan. He later inherited the La Veda fencing style by Dolk but left his side in order to join the Randall Guard.

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