These units all share blood relations or are friendly connection with previously released units. Several of them stayed in Grand Gaia while others were transported to Ishgria. Similar to the first Bonded by Blood batch, each of them has a connection with other non-related heroes as well.

  • Avant - the father of Vargas, one of the Six Heroes and a Knight of the Agni Empire whose memory was lost. After Dandelga restores his memory, he later grieved for the death of his son. He later aided the refugees from afar against the gods
  • Lune - Luly's cousin who was imprisoned due to her destructive power. She later landed on Ishgria in which even demons fear of her.
  • Dolk - The original Zelban. He later passed his name to the Zelban who fought during the timeline of the Ten-Winged Tormentor.
  • Rahgan - A martial artist and founder of Toltya Dojo. Despite being sickly, he sealed his powers and later unleashed it again after the gods attacked the school.
  • Charla - Allied with Will and Aem once and rescued Maria. She turned her back against the gods.
  • Chrome - the brother of the last Emperor of Bariura and uncle of Alice, Elza, Sirius, Berdette, Dure, Radia, Sareas, and Melina.

Note: Avant can be evolved to his Omni Evolution Form.

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