The Bearers of Burden refer to a group of criminals led by an official of the Elgaia Federation during the formation of the Akras' Summoners' Hall who journeyed to Ishgria. Each member explored a different region but as with the expedition that would be carried out by the Summoners' Hall, all of its members were wiped out by demons. They went to Ishgria before Griff and co arrived to explore the land.

  • Lars ― A martial artist, as well as a blacksmith. Convicted after he killed his opponent during a tournament. After the party entered Ishgria, he engaged in a heated battle with a certain demon.
  • Kyle ― A goverment official, as well as an excellent scholar and expert tactician. He was assigned as the leader of an expedition force of convicts into Ishgria, only to be betrayed by his commander later.
  • Heins ― A heretic scientist who was arrested after his masterpiece killed many people due to a horrific accident. Kyle then ordered him to scout Rakshult.
  • Rutheon ― A warrior of an independent tribe in Elgaia, whose village was wiped out by Elgaia Federation military extremists. He was arrested after killing the entire squad of Federation's soldiers. He then chose to start a new life in Ishgria after the Federation betrayed the team.
  • Alicia ― A high priestess in Elgaia who blindly worshipped Lucius. She was arrested after she strove to promote belief in the Summoners' Hall as a sacred temple. When she arrived in Ishgria, she abandoned Kyle's order and started annihilating the demons, claiming that "she is doing a divine mission for Lord Lucius". Later killed by Mora.
  • Jade ― A spy from Randall Empire who let himself to be caught in order to infiltrate Elgaia Federation. Soon after he arrived in Ishgria, came across a fierce battle between dragons with human form and invading black demon dragons. At first, he sided with the demon dragons. He suddenly switched side after a certain human lady who worked for the humanoid dragon interrupted.

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