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Cardes the Malevolent
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Artwork from Grand Quest
Element Element Dark Dark
Gender Gender male Male
Eyes Gold
Hair Dirty White
Currently Deceased (Last seen at Spirit World Palmyna)
Relatives Unknown
Unit Counterpart Cardes the Malevolent, Sovereign God Cardes

Cardes the Malevolent is one of the Four Fallen Gods who rules over the Palmyna Archipelago and is one of the main antagonists in the Grand Gaia storyline arc. He is also the major antagonist of the Four Heroes of Palmyna Grand Quest.


Before the storyline, Cardes exiled his first disciple after Zebra told him that the disciple refused to participate in a wicked ritual Cardes prepared.

Shortly before the Great War, a fellow Divine Ten disappeared. Cardes watched closely as one of Kulyuk's disciple fought Maxwell in order to meet the Holy Emperor Karna Masta, to get the truth about her master's disappearance. Cardes then mocked Layla by questioning Kulyuk's innocence. This enraged Layla greatly and she attacked Cardes with all her might, but then Cardes defeated her.

During the Great War, Cardes resides in the ruins of Palmyna in where the Four Heroes, led by Princess Edea, Professor Lorand, the archer Loch and the priest Dean stormed inside in order to put an end to the Fallen God. He was able to fend off the heroes with his powerful attacks, until Loch's powerful arrow attack accidentally opened the Spirit World, sucking them all in. Edea ultimately decided to seal Cardes away with the power of Lafdranya, which also costs the princess to be put in a deep slumber in the process and Loch, Dean and Lorand was teleported away.

After Loch regrouped, they decided to storm in the Spirit World once again in order to free Edea who is actually still alive. Cardes was promptly defeated, however after rescuing Edea, a new battle begins. With the newly awakened Edea, the Four Heroes landed a powerful attack to Cardes. Seemingly weakened, Edea tries to charge Lafdranya to finally destroy him for good. However, Zebra came out of the shadows and heavily damages Edea. Cardes was able to regenerate and staged an even more powerful attack to the Four Heroes. Ultimately, the Four Heroes decided to sacrifice their lives in order to conjure an even more powerful seal to the Fallen God, ejecting Zebra out of the Spirit World and permanently seals Cardes in the Spirit World, as Cardes curses the humans and their future before being sealed away for good. This such an act also costs the Four Heroes lives as well.

His body was slowly deteriorating until a certain Summoner from Elgaia has finally destroyed him along with the other Fallen Gods.



Other Artwork
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As Sovereign God Cardes


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