Item frame 2 Materials
Brute Pelt
Item thum 806
Item Lore:
The pelt of a ferocious beast that resides in the lands of Agni. The extreme ferociousness of this beast led to them being ceremoniously hunted as a way to prove a knight's strength. The beast's pelt is covered with bristly hairs that provide excellent protection, but with improvisation by the best armor craftsmen in the Agni Empire, they've been transformed into beautiful yet functional armor of the highest quality. It's said that rulers of other countries have offered exorbitant amounts of gold in exchange for armor made from these pelts.
The pelt of an extremely ferocious beast that resides in the lands of Agni.
Sale Price: Zell thum 50 Zel
Extra Skill:

Crafts Into
Sphere thum 3 1 God Armor 10
Sphere thum 2 1 King Shield 10

How to Obtain
  • Ryvern - Glomore Hallow - Battle in a New Land: Leon
  • Ryvern - Glomore Hallow - Blazing Earth: Dalimaone
  • Ryvern - Snow Area Khelne - A White World: Verica
  • Ryvern - Snow Area Khelne - The Rainbow Crowned Queen: Meltia
  • Ryvern - Stokhelna Forest - The Forest's Uneasy Peace: Zaza
  • Ryvern - Stokhelna Forest - The Ancient Forest's Guardian: Lemanara
  • Ryvern - Azura Ruins - The Thunder Troupe: Grafl
  • Ryvern - Azura Ruins - That Which Haunts the Ruins: Zazabis
  • Ryvern - Ryvern Mountains - Heavenly Intent: Jona
  • Ryvern - The Abyss Caves - King of the World Below: Legion
  • Ryvern - White Tower - Fletchings of Anticipation: Zazabis
  • Ryvern - White Tower - The Indestructible Formation: Lemenara
  • Ryvern - White Tower - Freezing Stillness: Meltia
  • Ryvern - White Tower - Wedging Deep: Dalimaone
  • Agni - Agni Empire - Fire Maiden's Table: Lancia
  • Agni - Agniria Coast - The Limits of Wisdom and Courage: Elimo
  • Agni - Granasta Plateau - Noble Roar: Leore
  • Agni - Thunder Summit Navara - Pulverizing Combo: Elulu
  • Agni - King's Tomb - The Royal Bodyguard: Aem
  • Agni - Lognea Cove - Bound by Darkness: Lemia
  • Mirvana