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Brute Elixir
Item thum 20401
Item Lore:
A powerful strengthening potion distributed by the Akras Summoners' Hall. Those who drink it receive a great boost in Atk power for a short period of time. It is made by combining an Atk Potion with a Koka Nut. These materials are relatively easy to collect, but a certain degree of skill is necessary in combining them. There is a rumor that the stomach pain it causes those who drink it is even worse than that felt after drinking an Atk Potion.
Increases the Atk power of one ally by 50% for 3 turns
Carry Limit: 10
Sale Price: Zell thum 40 Zel
Extra Skill:

Facility item

Base Materials
Item thum 403 Gold Drop 1
Item thum 300 Koka Nut 6
Item thum 100 Red Grass 2

Crafts Into
Item thum 20700 Ares' Elixir 1
Item thum 21001 Fujin Tonic 1