Brave Points and Rewards, otherwise known as Daily Tasks, is a game feature accessible via Rewards (beside Info).


Daily Tasks were introduced in July 2014. Each day, the player is presented with three tasks. Completing a task will earn the player a set number of Brave Points (BP). Completing every daily task for that day rewards an additional 20 BP. The daily tasks "refresh" every 24-hours with three new tasks, replacing incomplete tasks.

Brave Points can be used to "Redeem Prizes". Redeeming a prize entails exchanging Brave Points for an item, which can range from relatively common one-use items to more rare spheres and Summon Tickets.

"Brave Rewards" are awarded for reaching milestones of set total Brave Points. The total Brave Points accrued over the lifetime of the account count towards these milestones, regardless of how many BP the player actually has.


Icon Task Requirement BP Reward
Task frame 4 Vortex Venturer Complete 5 Missions within the Vortex 15
Task frame 1 Arena Victory Achieve 4 Victories in the Arena 20
Task frame 3 Unit Upgrade Evolve any units 1 time. 15
Task frame 3 Power Up Fuse 20 units 15
Task frame 2 Quest Explorer Complete 5 missions in (any 2 randomly selected
Areas e.g. Cordelica, Amdahl, etc.)
Task frame 5 Item Creation Synthesize/Make 25 Items or Spheres 15

Brave Rewards

These rewards are based on the total Brave Points earned throughout the player's history. These rewards can only be claimed once.

Redeem Prizes

These are rewards that can be claimed by redeeming Brave Points - the Brave Points are deducted from the player's current BP total.  These rewards can be claimed more than once unless otherwise stated.

BP Cost Prize
25 Blaze Stone
25 Wave Stone
25 Flora Stone
25 Bolt Stone
25 Gleam Stone
25 Shade Stone
960 Muramasa
1,500 Angelic Foil
1,500 Summon Ticket
500 Discounted Summon Ticket (event only)
100 Legend Stone (event only)