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List of Staff

The following are Brave Frontier Wiki's staff members in order of rank, which therein they are organized based on when they were promoted. Other than exact rank, no user listed above another (unless otherwise noted) is of a higher rank than a user below them.

User Position(s) Member Since Promoted On Activity
Yapby Wiki Bureaucrat Jun 2014
  • Oct 2014: Chat Moderator
  • Apr 2015: Administrator
  • Feb 2016: Bureaucrat
Linathan Wiki Administrator Feb 2015
  • July 2015: Moderator
  • Feb 2016: Administrator
Luxionmk2 Wiki Administrator Jan 2014 Apr 2014 Semi-Active
Blake Xi Wiki Moderator Apr 2014 Apr 2015 Semi-Active
Dark Ice Lexida Wiki Moderator Oct 2014 Nov 2015 Semi-Active
Crimson Storm Mich Wiki Moderator Mar 2014 Apr 2016 Active
Zestna Wiki Moderator Nov 2015 Jun 2016 Active
Jamaka2001 Wiki Moderator May 2016 April 2017 Active

Special Users

These are users that are proven to be helpful on this wiki, and towards other users as well. Usually, the group title(s) suggests what they do/did to help this wiki. The group title given may be temporary, depending on user's activity and helpfulness.

User Group Activity
D Man o3o Animator Semi-Active
Justbeho Squad Builder Active
Crimson Storm Mich JP Elitist Active
Linathan Squad Builder Active
Jamaka2001 Animator Active
Nyonne Loremaster Active
IXanier Squad Builder Active
Jimbob23456 Squad Builder Active
Hamza62 Bot Developer Active

Past Staff

User Position(s) Member Since Promoted On Status
Benwhite Wiki Administrator Jan 2014 Apr 2014 Demoted
Vretiel Wiki Administrator Oct 2013 Oct 2013 Inactive
Roresu Wiki Administrator Apr 2014 May 2014 Demoted
BlazingKey Wiki Moderator Mar 2014 Jun 2014 Demoted
Agentstrauss Wiki Moderator Apr 2014 Oct 2015 Demoted
Benwhite Wiki Administrator Jan 2014 Apr 2014 Demoted
KodachiZero Chat Moderator Mar 2014 Apr 2014 Demoted
KandD GSE Andy Wiki Moderator Apr 2014 Jun 2015 Demoted
FreijaAesir Wiki Moderator Dec 2015 Feb 2016 Demoted
Jonnyvue Wiki Moderator Jan 2017 Jan 2017 Demoted

Promotion Criteria

Note that the users we pick will be discussed amongst the Moderators themselves, it is up to the Moderators to decide on which users we will promote. The table below shows the minimum criteria for whichever position aimed for. See User access levels for more information.

Position Power(s) Mainspace Edits Activity
(on this wiki)
Other Criteria Community Voting
Wiki Moderator
  • Chat - Moderate the chat - kickban when needed
  • Discussions - Delete posts that are against Wiki policies - block user(s) when needed
  • Comments on Wiki - Delete comments that are against Wiki policies - block user(s) when needed
  • Threads and Message Walls - Close/Remove threads when situation gets worse - block user(s) when needed
3 months
  • Must not have a blockban record (not including joke bans) from the past 6 months
Wiki Administrator

In addition to Wiki Moderator status, the user should be good in other Wiki functions other than just Chat itself.

1,000 1 year
  • Must not have a blockban record (not including joke bans) from the past 6 months
  • Under current Admin approval
Wiki Bureaucrat Same as Wiki Administrator, with the ability to promote users to Admin/Bureaucrat Will be chosen by the existing bureaucrat No

Community Voting

During certain promotions, a community voting will happen. To vote, user(s) must have at least 1 week activity on this wiki.

Each voting poll will be put up every time a user is in process of getting promoted. The vote range must stay at 50% or above in order to qualify for a promote.

There are a few options to vote:

Thumbs upThumbs up Absolute Support
- This adds 2 points to the vote.
Thumbs up Support
- This adds 1 point to the vote.
Thumbs upSupport to Neutral iconNeutral
- This adds 0.5 point to the vote.
Neutral iconNeutral
- This adds nothing to the vote.
Neutral iconNeutral to Thumbs downOppose
- This deducts 0.5 point to the vote.
Thumbs downOppose
- This deducts 1 point to the vote.
Thumbs downThumbs down Absolute Oppose
- This deducts 2 points to the vote.

How does the vote count?

Let's just say, when a voting poll has 4 Absolute Supports, 3 Supports, 2 Absolute Opposes, 5 Opposes, the result for the vote range will be 55%, as the score is 11/20


(4 * 2) + 3 + (2 * 2) + 5 = 20

Since there were 4 Absolute Supports and 3 Supports, that means the total of Supports are 11 [(4 * 2) + 3 = 11]
and since there were 2 Absolute Opposes and 5 Opposes, that means the total of Opposes are 9 [(2 * 2) + 5 = 9]

As a result, the score is 11/20 (20 of the total score - 9 opposes = 11 final score), whereas the percentage is 55%.


A demotion may occur when...

  • The moderator is abusive.
  • The moderator is inactive for more than 3 weeks.
  • The moderator requests for a demotion.


The Brave Frontier Global Wiki Moderation Team reserves the right to modify, update or change the positions and permissions of any user without prior notice or announcement.