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Never heard of Lounge Chat? The Lounge Chat is a place for any Brave Frontier player to talk to other players, whether they want to have fun, talk about strategies, or new units. Anyone is welcome in, but please be mindful that players of all ages and cultures come into this room to chat, and there are rules here to keep the place safe and friendly. Breaking these rules or causing any other sorts of issues can lead to chat bans (not wiki block), so please read the rules displayed here carefully.

At certain times, the lounge will have a lot of jokes and playful insults, so please have a sense of humor and laugh with us! However, if things do go out of hand, chat moderators will take necessary action. Use !mods command to ping all the current chat moderators in lounge ONLY if there is a problem in the lounge.

Chatban system

This system is only applied when a user breaks rules under a short span of time.

  • Should the user break any rule for the first time, such as spouting profanity, a warning will be given, however should the user retaliate, a 1 day ban will be usually given, or more depending on severity.
  • Should the user return, break any rule again for that first time, a warning will be given again, however should the user retaliate again, a 3 day ban will be given, or more depending on severity.
  • Should the user return once again, break any rule again, a 1 week ban will be immediately issued.
  • Should the user break the chat rules under a short span of time, a permanent ban will be issued.

Special and Critical Rules

  • Strictly no discussion about hacks and other content that violates the game's Terms of Service anywhere on the wiki. If seen, will be deleted and an instant permanent ban will be applied.
  • Trolls will be permanently blocked. See Help:Don't feed the trolls.
  • Advertising on the wiki in any form (another game, a product, an external website, etc.) is strictly prohibited and will be blocked for a week.
  • Do not create alternate accounts just to avoid the ban. If you're blocked or banned, these decisions are usually final and won't be revoked.


  • Be patient with new users. They may be new to this site and/or game.
  • Be nice and respectful to one another. The user(s) will mostly do the same back to you.
  • Think about what you are about to say before pressing the "Enter" button!
  • No giveaway of your game account
  • Do not expose other's personal information (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) anywhere, you are only allowed to share your OWN social media information. Even if the user has shared his social media information beforehand, it does not grant you the rights to share them as well.
  • As much as possible, please use English in chat!
  • Avoid talking about real world politics. This steers the topic being discussed and may deem controversial.
  • No profanity - repeated posting = 1 day ban.
  • Supporting users that is breaking the rules will be given a 3 day ban.
  • Abusive moderator? Feel free to contact an active Admin.
  • Do not spam in chat.
  • Role-playing is allowed, but do not take it to the extreme - to the point it freaks other users out.
  • We do not accept kickban requests from users. (Why do it?)
  • If you aim to talk to one specific user for a long conversation, please take it to private messaging.
  • Do not spread false information.
  • Do not use or abuse the "!mods" command if it is not an emergency.
  • Discussion of sensitive internet topics such as politics or religion is not allowed.
  • Repeatedly joining and leaving the chat room, without chatting, in a short span of time. This counts as spamming the chat room.
  • Repeated offenders in a short span of time will lead to a permanent ban from chat.


This is a short guide for users that are interested in ChatTags. ChatTags is a feature that allows you to modify the text of what you are about to say. Here are the following things you can do.

  • To modify your font type (see a list of font types here)
[font="<fonttype>"]<message text>[/font]
  • To bold your message
[b]<message text>[/b]
  • To italicize your message
[i]<message text>[/i]
  • To strikethrough your message
[s]<message text>[/s]
  • To underline your message
[u]<message text>[/u]
  • To add a background color to your message
[bg="<color>"]<message text>[/bg]
  • To add a font color to your message
[c="<color>"]<message text>[/c]
  • To make your message text(s) big
[big]<message text>[/big]
  • To make your message text(s) small
[small]<message text>[/small]
  • Using /me
    • Input: /me is doing something
    • Result: * User is doing something

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