• Zephrysc

    Everyone remembers Mildran's battle against him. What if he was a unit? This is my concept for a Karna Masta Mock Unit.

    (NOTE: I'm still working on this, so don't blame me if some things aren't filled in yet. Also, the image defaulted to Vargas.)

    }|UnitProp|Unit}}|prop=} |element = Light |rarity = Omni |cost = 65 |maxlv = 150 |basexp = 21 |gender = M |ai = 2 |description = A Mock Unit designed by Noel in hopes of replicating the unparalleled strength of the Holy Emperor Karna Masta. A former member of the Six Imperial Gods, he defected and allied with the Sealed Gods in order to defeat his older brother, the Dark Emperor Alza Masta; and gain recognition …

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  • SuperAurelius

    Unit Element: Light

    Unit Rarity: Omni

    Unit Name: Celestial Elder Wray

    Lore: As a young child, he pleaded to his parents to become a missionary to spread the word of the Gods. Once he was deemed worthy by those in charge of mission placement, he was sent to Elgaia to serve his mission. Most people living in Elgaia thought of him as a traitor of Lucius. However, he continued to preach regardless of what passersby said. While Wray served his mission, he converted over twenty people to the religion he follows. His preaching made the history of Elgaia. He became loved by those who like to listen to his preaching. The biggest achievement for him was being blessed by Lucius himself and receiving a heavenly sword by Tillith while serving his mission. …

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  • THL142

    Omni Seria (Possible)

    June 22, 2017 by THL142

    Blazing Heart Seria (Omni)

    LS - Scorching Passions Guidance - 50% boost to Atk, Def, enormously(85%) boost HC efficacy, probable(40%) chance to restore hp (30%) when damaged,130% boost to spark damage

    Brave Burst- Rhodonite Inferno- 21 combo powerful fire attack on all foes, hugely(200%) boost own parameters,greatly boost spark damage(100%) for 3 turns, probable(35%) spark critical(+35% damage) for 3 turns

    Super Brave Burst- True Libertine- 25 combo powerful fire attack on all foes, additional massive attack at ends turn (15-20% hp), boost HC droprate(30%), boost own HC droprate(35%), greatly boost BB on spark(3-4 BCs), hugely boost spark damage(+100%) for 3 turns

    Ultimate Brave Burst- Scorching Divinity:Blazing Seraphim - 28 combo powerful fi…

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  • Erenz

    My Gallery June 2017

    June 19, 2017 by Erenz

    AS Title above, contain my fan art gallery creating on June 2017







    THX For Your Visit.

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  • Burniez

    Sefia OE Idea (NEW)

    June 19, 2017 by Burniez


    Boost 50% to HP and ATK / Boost 30% and 100% to ATK to Light types / Boost 50% BC fill rate / Boost 100% Spark damage

    Normal attack: 17 hits

    BB: 380%

    20 Light AoE hits / 75% chance to inflict Paralysis, Weakness and Injury / Add 15% chance to inflict Paralysis, Injury, and Weakness for 3 turns / Add 20% chance to reduce 30% ATK and DEF (2 turns) for 3 turns / Boost 50% BC fill rate for 3 turns

    SBB: 560% for Light AoE and 750% for Light AoE when Dark types are present

    26 Light AoE hits and 8 Light AoE hits when Dark type opponent are present / Boost 35% BC/HC drop rate for 3 turns / 30% chance to reduce 50% ATK and DEF of enemy for 1 turn / Boost 110% Spark damage for 3 turns / Boost 120% to ATK, DEF and REC for Light types for 3 turns / Boost 1…

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  • MacCCx

    Is there anyone doing raid battles anymore? Even when I try to auto-join a room, there are no rooms to join. I'mtrying to get multiple stars to increase drop rate of emerald relic, etc. but since I'm battling by myself, I can only get one star.

    ID: 0365518982

    UPDATE: Using discord servers to ask for help :> Also @Flarex10 I'm on at irregular times so I can't really work out any time frames :(

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  • Nyonne

    There was a swordsmith who wanted to get revenge on the devilish fox god that killed his wife. He offered his soul to the serpent god in order to craft two magical swords to pursue the fox god. The demonic swords were then passed down to the swordsmith's daughter, who had the talent to use swords from her early age, and had no problem in using the swords her father made. She then embarked a journey to kill the fox god with her swords, "Manic Sakura" and "Sanzu". Unfortunately, the demonic power of the blades she wielded slowly consumed her body and soul, and it was unclear whether she managed to exact her parent's revenge or not...

    Another demonic blade appeared in Grand Gaia, in the possession of a certain samurai who suddenly appeared in …

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  • Tremayne12

    Name: Hurricane Warlord Dion

    Normal Hit Count: 14 (48 DC/ 2 per hit)

    Leader Skill: Divine Storm of Radiance (Boosts max HP and Atk by 50% for all allies, hugely boosts Critical damage, & considerably boosts Spark, elemental damage, and BB Atk ) (175% boost to Critical damage, 150% boost to Spark, elemental damage dealted and BB Atk)

    Extra Skill: Galloping Tempest Plus (Adds big boost to damage dealted to static inflicted foes for 3 turns effect to BB/SBB, & boost Critical and Spark damage) (100% boost to damage dealted to static inflicted foes, & 50% boost to Critical and Spark damage)

    Brave Burst: Cyclonic Flash (20 powerful Earth combo on all enemies, enormously boosts Critical hit rate for 3 turns, considerably boosts Critical and elemental damage for …

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  • Arkxiah

    So, I just wanted to ask if any body else, on the past 3 omni batches have gotten only five star units generally with no omni capability?

    I've wasted way to many summon tickes on five stars to be honest, and I'm back at a single gem with nothing to show for it.

    Should I just buy gems or is there some sorta "best time" to summon?

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  • Phoenix God 9842

    Time Seeker Elaina

    Leaderskill: Lost in Time

    50% to HP/Rec, negates status aliments, 10% damage reduction from all elements, probable 20% damage reduction ( 25% chance to reduce 20% damage), and fills BB gauge each turm (8 BCs).

    Extra Skill: Chronologic Barrier

    Adds Earth barrier to BB/SBB for 3 turns (3,000HP), 20% boost to all parameters, and chance to take 1 damage(20%)

    Brave Burst: Anachronous Force

    21 combo earth atk on all enemies, boost Rec by 180%, recovers HP for 3 turns (5,000 HP per turn), recovers BB gauge for 3 turns (9BCs), and boost BC and HC drop rate by 40%.

    Super Brave Burst: Chronological Sequence

    27 combo powerful atk on all foes, greatly recovers HP for 3 turns (6,500), removes and negates status aliments for 3 turns, recovers…

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