• ShineKuzu

    I'd say about 95% of people who play Brave Frontier play in the Arena/Colosseum on a regular basis, but less than 0.5% of all players know this.

    The trick is simple: stop speeding up your Arena battles, but only on your turn.

    Many people might think it to be quite controversal: "We play Arena/Colo because it's fast! Why would you want us to slow it down? It just doesn't make any sense!"

    Have you ever been in an Arena battle and noticed that there's always a fixed delay between attacks and Brave Burst usage? First of all, slowing down the time decreases the amount of in-game time between this delay. Meanwhile, speeding it up increases the in-game time between bursts significantly. Even with a slow Brave Burst caster (e.g. Amadream, where she ha…

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  • ShineKuzu

    A potential Frontier Rift candidate? Please comment on your opinion of this new nuker fan unit. :D

    Rarity Omni

    Element Dark

    Cost 60

    Stats Max Level Omni Omni+1 Omni+2 Omi+3
    HP 8000 +640 +800 +1120 +1600
    Att 15000 +1200 +1500 +2100 +3000
    Def 1000 +80 +100 +140 +200
    Rec 1000 +80 +100 +140 +200

    *Only available as Lord Type

    Normal Attack Hits: 20

    300% boost to Atk, raises Atk parameters of all allies to 200,000, massively boosts Spark and critical damage after damage dealt has exceeded certain amount, and adds Defense ignoring and 25% pierce effect to attack

    200% boost to Spark and 200% boost to critical damage after damage dealt has exceeded 150,000 damage

    100% boost to Atk and slightly boosts Spark and critical damage for all allies when Stygian C…

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  • DeimosNightblade

    I've seen plenty of interesting Fan-Units made on the front page, and I loved the idea of using a Summoner avatar as a unit in Brave Frontier (even if the quests at the start of the Summoner's Arc were a bit savage). There are plenty of cool weapons and effects used for the various Units, but when you have a certain fighting style or an appearence in mind, it feels like you should get to show off your Summoner or Unit's chosen look, even if it isn't in the game itself. For me, this finally came to be with the release of BF2, and I saw the look of that game's first Summoner avatar. With a bit of editing, I finally got to give my Summoner his own unique look. Though not straying too far from the original, I'm happy to see Ðeimos as I imagine…

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  • Hanicute251

    Which One Should I Choose As Leader?

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  • Albert Arlington

    I need help please?

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  • Yohanes567

    Hey, my name is Yohanes and I like to write something like Fan-Unit or etc. which sometimes based on the moods that I have in the present. This one is simply somehow being inspired by something delicate or even perhaps too delicate to be put into words... Anyway, enjoy this article as much as I'm making it.

    • The Chosen One
    • The Dark
    • Divine
    • Legend
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  • SNFrey

    Updated as of July, 10, 2018 for the Brave Summer Festival 2018 Unit Contest.

    Note: All of these pictures are hand-drawn by myself. Please do not attempt to steal/copy them. Thank you.

    History of Teranova (Tear-a-Nova)

    The continent of Teranova is a land blessed by magic. Instilled in only 10% of the continent's population was something called mana, that which allowed the control and manipulation of magic. Those who were able to utilize their mana and perform magic were known as Knights of Nova. Life in Teranova was completely normal and sill with the coexistence of normal humans and the knights. That was until the dimensional break. An enormous number of rifts opened from another world (Ishgria), pouring unholy demons into Teranova and taint…

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  • Linathan

    Hi all. Been a while since I did a blog post. Today, I am going to go over one of the most unique spheres we've gotten recently, and that is Ihsir's Wiles, obtainable from reaching Hunter Rank 130 in Frontier Hunter.

    Sphere Description: 45% boost to all parameters, reduces BB gauge required for BB (25% reduction), damage taken considerably boosts BB gauge (3-5 BC) & adds powerful attack on single foe to BB/SBB (600% damage modifier)

    The first three effects are pretty generic for the most part, but the one effect that sticks out the most is the additional powerful attack on single foe added to BB/SBB. This isn't one ordinary attack on the enemy, but more rather an additional set of frame data added onto whoever is equipped with the sphere.


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  • Yohanes567

    Fan-Unit: John

    July 3, 2018 by Yohanes567


    • Poetic
    • Philosophic
    • Lawful
    • Mythical Deity

    Category SP Cost Skill description Notes
    Parameter Boost 10 80% Boost to All Parameter

    15 Unlock: 100% Boost to All Parameter (Req: 80% Boost to All Parameter) Upgrade 80% Boost to All Parameter to 100% Boost to All Parameter
    20 Hugely Boost All Parameters when HP below 50% 100% Boost to All Parameters
    BB Gauge 20 Greatly reduce BB Gauge for BB needed 30% reduce BB Gauge for BB needed
    OD Gauge 30 Enormously Boost OD Gauge Fill Rate to self when damage dealt exceeded certain amounts for 2 turns 300% Boost to OD Fill Rate after 10.000 damage dealt
    Spark 15 150% Boost to Spark Damage

    Critical 15 100% Boost to Critical Damage

    Special …

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  • Crimson Storm Mich

    The Unit Dispatch System allows you to send your units to expeditions to gather rewards while you're away!

    The Unit Dispatch System rewards you by sending your units on explorations. Exploration sites will increase the further you go in the Main Story.

    1. On the Home Screen, go to this orb to get started.
    2. Select エリアを選択して探索 > マップ > ダンジョン > クエスト
    3. Organize the party with the unit you want to search and select "Start search".

    Your search party can consist of any unit you own. However, the units currently displayed on your Home Screen cannot be deployed to a search party.

    1. Search Degree - Search status of the Quest. You can repeatedly search this quest to increase the bar. Once it reaches 100%, you'll earn a one-time prize.
    2. Acquirable Items - These items a…

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