• Kaysuami

    Need help with squad building in Frontier hunter and arena here are the screenshots of my units.

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  • MotoStinger38

    What is it with this new rift? In the past, debatably no rift has ever required a specific unit to pass through it, with maybe the exception of Kielazar rift. But, Elaina was a free unit, so I personally think that is an exception to this rule. As for Aurelia Rift, it seems as though you can't really get around needing to use Nia in some way, shape, or form. I realize there have been a few HANDLEFUL of players who did indeed manage to pull through without the use of Nia, but in my opinion, not enough to rule out that Nia is 99% needed to finish this rift.

    With this being said, where does Gimu think they are heading with this? For one, they want to release power creep units, as incentive for players to keep purchasing packs. the problem with…

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  • Etozurii

    Looking for help making a squad for general vortex/trial/ggc use. Here is the list of my units, they are organized by element. Sorry for the wall of text

    Lava, Kulyuk,  Rengaku, Shura, Malef, Alessa, Rugahr, Sol, Korzan, Azurai

    Rickel, Tazer, Vern, Stein, Melord, Holia, Mariela, Tridon , Haile, Charlotte, Ilm

    Libera, Felice, Freed, Baro, Nyala, Zelnite, Daze, Hisui, Mariletta, Fei and Fang, Nagid,

    Rhoa, Silas, Viktor, Ky, Bonnie, Rize

    Agress, Gabriela, Sirius, Krantz, Lara, Zekt, Segurd, Elphelt, Alan, Carrol, Allanon

    Nyami, Elza, Yuura, Sonia, Mifune, Zekuu, Zero, Zenia

    thanks :)

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  • Pixelizer

    Save files

    September 22, 2018 by Pixelizer

    I used to play this game when I was younger and I love it but I played it on the kindle and I can’t retrive my game because I am now playing on my I pad, is there a way I can get it back?

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  • N3RDY89

    Can anyone suggest me a team?

    September 21, 2018 by N3RDY89

    I just recently played brave frontier back from a 2+ years rest..

    Can anyone help me form a pretty general team that can fit into pve and raids?

    My main team is  - Zenia (L), Amus, Kira, Azurai, Haile (i pretty much use this team in any content lol)

    I recently summoned some pretty cool looking characters but dunno if they could fit and complement each other :

    Please help me.

    Fire - Michelle, Amus, Ciara, Azurai, Arus, Alessa, Barbara, Glenn, Valen, Rugahr

    Water - Signas, Tazer, Colt, Iris, Haile, Belfura, Medina, Melord, Holia

    Earth - Edea, Zelnite, Daze, Fei & Fang, Mariletta, Mordlim, Daros, Gandrei, Barvars, Limilnate, Nyala, Hetepheres

    Thunder - Rhoa, Rize, Beiorg, Jireid, 

    Light - Kira, Aurelia, Zekt, Diastima, Linasera, Solos, Divine Dragon, …

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  • Radiant Tremayne

    Hi guys, it's me agian, and today I have a List of just 2 Events plus ugrades to those 2 Events that Brave Frontier should reopen. It may not happend at any given point, but I kinda wished it did.

    Event 1: Heroes' Challenge

    What they should include in the reopening: Lvl. 3, Lvl. 4, and Lvl. 5 Quests

    Lvl. 3: Stamina required is 45. Vargas, Selena, Lance, Eze, Atro, and Magress will be in their 6* Form in the Boss Wave. Wave 4 may spawn ethier Totems (Excluding Miracle Totem) or Crystals, both are guaranteed captures. 15% chance capture rate for Vargas, Selena, Lance, Eze, Atro, and Magress (In their first form only). First clear will give you only 1 Gem.

    Lvl. 4: Stamina required is 60. Vargas, Selena, Lance, Eze, Atro, and Magress will be in th…

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  • Foxtroph36369

    Make a God team?

    September 16, 2018 by Foxtroph36369

    Can someome make a god squad out of all these?

    Fire- Avant, Shura, Lava, Ruby, Kulyuk, Rengaku, Alessa, Valen, Rugahr, Amy’s, Zegstia, Ciara, Azurai (x3), Adriesta, Al-akqat

    Water- Kawab (x2), Belfura, Vern, Melord, Holia, Mariela, Zalts, Asto, Camilla (x2), Hugh, Azalea, Yunos, Zeleste, Arsom (x2), Lumis, Haile

    Earth- Hisui, Felice, Freed, Mariletta, Mordlim, Daros, Nagid (x2), Faelan (x2), Nimune

    Thunder- Balgran, Silas, Fizz, Viktor, Licht, Zora, Cleria, Beijorg, Ragra, Ordine, Nikaido, Zelion

    Light- Sirius, Regil, Mora, Qiutong (x2), Krantz, Lara, Izuna, Garrel, Ionia, Solos (x2), Reseus, Alan, Amadream, Allanon, Gazia, Fina, Raquiel

    Dark- Elza, Sonia, Zeek, Velma, Mizo Dorte, Dirk Rezo, Zenia, Nyami, Luina,

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  • Jinpoopies

    Squad Setup!

    September 15, 2018 by Jinpoopies

    hi everyone, im new to the game and not sure how to make a good squad. i am currently level 170 and have these units :

    Water : Wintia , Haile , Tsovinar , Arsom  , Azalea , Vern , Zeleste

    Fire : Bakugo ,Cayena(Omni) ,Adriesta , Azurai

    Earth : Fei and Fang , Felice , Freed , Eriana , Gandrei , Faelan ,Uraraka

    Thunder : Daltisk , Khepratum

    Light : Alan , Amadream , Mora , Raquiel , Ionia , Enile , Allanon , Solos

    Dark : Feeva , Yuura , Dirk Rezo , Ragina , Keres , Nyami

    My current team consist of : Tsovinar , Haile , Wintia , Allanon

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  • OtakuDuke

    The time is ticking...

    September 11, 2018 by OtakuDuke

    I hate to break it to you guys but I, myself, am not sure when this game will be taken down as more and more people are retiring/quiting this game. Not to mention that, the real creator of this game, Alim, has given it up (I guess) and gave everything to Gumi to handle and Gumi, well, you know that... 

    I really love this game and all but since it's an online game and it's also the first game that actually brought me to the game online community in general and this game in particular.

    So if any of you guys out there have real answers, please don't hesitate and comment what you know below this blog post.

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  • MyoXotiS

    I really wanted to continue helping this community, but I just wouldn't think that this is what I get in return. Heck, I wouldn't be able to contribute or make comments to anything anyways due to being blocked. Sometimes this shows up whenever want to reply comments or reply to pages and threads in this wiki.  I'm not even sure what I did that was "vandalism". Was it making too many comments replying to people that actually needed help in the game? Or what did I do as spam? I guess it was counted as spam when I keep on saying "you can't make a general squad". 

    If anyone can explain to me what I did that violated the community guidelines, please do so, because I genuinely don't know what the hell I did. 

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