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  • XCaidx

    Omni Leona info (new KoF unit)

    February 22, 2017 by XCaidx

    Name: Leona
    Element: Earth
    Rarity: Omni
    Cost: 50

    Lord-type Stats Max HP: 8378 (1500)
    Max Atk: 3715 (600)
    Max Def: 3099 (600)
    Max Rec: 2342 (600)

    Normal Attack
    Number of hits: 1
    Max BC generated: 50 (50 BC/hit)

    Passive Skill Leader Skill - Ikari Mastery 100% boost to Atk, Def, 60% boost to max HP, probable (35%) normal attack (-50% damage) on all foes, considerably boosts BB and SBB activation rates (25%) & considerably boosts ABP and CBP gain (60% ABP, 35% CBP)

    Extra Skill - Hardened Focus Hugely boosts Atk, Def, Rec relative to how low HP is (0-150%), Spark damage enormously boosts BB gauge (10 BC) & negates elemental damage

    Active Skill Brave Burst - SDM: V-Slasher I BC required: 27
    Max BC Generated: 20 (20 BC/hit)
    Powerful Earth attack on all foes (470%), ca…

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  • Burniez

    Carrol OE Idea

    February 22, 2017 by Burniez

    Carrol OE Idea


    Boost 50% to HP and DEF / Boost 25% BC/HC drop rate, 7% Item drop rate, 20% Zel drop rate, 18% Karma drop rate / Reduce 25% BB cost / Boost 4-7BC when ATKed

    Normal attack: 10 hit

    BB: 350%

    16 Light, Water and Earth hit AoE / Boost 8BC for 3 turns / Boost 50% BC fill rate for 3 turns / Boost 150% to ATK, DEF and REC for 3 turns

    SBB: 550%

    18 Light, Water and Earth hit AoE / Boost 10% OD fill for 1 turn / Boost 5-8BC when ATKed for 3 turns / Boost 150% to ATK, DEF and REC for 3 turns / Add Water, Earth and Light to ATK for 3 turns

    UBB: 1500%

    20 Light, Water and Earth hit AoE / Boost 250% to ATK, DEF and REC for 3 turns / Boost 75BC for 3 turns / Boost 50% OD fill for 1 turn / Reduce 75% damage for 3 turns


    Add Cure all status ailments t…

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  • Zennyu

    For The Zelathon Global Exclusive Series Kickoff, we have the Royals: Camille (Fire), Luke (Earth), Araja (Thunder), Arelan (Water), Zennyu (Light), and Elijah (Dark). With such great Princes & Princess, expect great leader skills!!! (And beast enhancements)

    50% boost to HP, Atk

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  • Tyler29674

    Fanmade Omni Edea idea

    February 20, 2017 by Tyler29674

    Leader Skill: 

             60% boost to max Def, max HP, negates critical damage, negates Def ignoring effects, probable 20% damage reduction & slight damage reduction while guarding

    -    Extra Skill:

    Negate status ailments, Negate Def ignoring effects & 30% boost to all parameters when Lafdranya is equipped

    -    Brave Burst:

            16 combo powerful earth attack on single foe, 50% damage reduction for 1 turn, adds random status ailment infliction to attack for 3 turns, probable huge 1 turn Atk, Def reduction, boosts damage reduction while guarding for 3 turns & removes all status ailments

    -    Super Brave Burst: 

            19 combo powerful earth attack on all foes, 50% damage reduction for 1 turn, adds random status ailment infliction to attack for…

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  • Phoenix God 9842

    Rashil OE Idea

    February 20, 2017 by Phoenix God 9842

    OE Rashil


    40% boost to HP and Rec, boost BC production during sparks(70%), boost BB gauge each turn (6BCs), chance to withstand KO (20%), boost critical rate(30%), and critical damage(150%).

    Extra Skill:

    Adds spark boost BB gauge to BB/SBB(2-3BCs) and boost own crit damage by 50%, negates crit damage.

    Brave Burst:

    Greatly restores HP for 3 turns(4,400 HP per turn), boost max HP for 3 turns(20%), boost crit rate(60%), and crit damage(50%), and negates Atk, Def, Rec reductions for 1 turn.

    Super Brave Burst:

    17 powerful thunder atk on all foes, chance to revive allies from KO(15%), boost crit rate for 3 turns(60%), boost critical damage for 3 turns(50%), heals HP for 3 turns (4,600 HP per turn).

    Ultimate Brave Burst:

    Chance to revive allie…

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  • Fyrick24

    Omni Allanon Idea

    February 20, 2017 by Fyrick24

    Name: Sagacious Oracle Allanon

    Leader Skill: Ancestral Teachings______  40% boost to all parameters, negates elemental damage, negates critical damage, Spark damage reduction, boosts elemental damage,  boosts OD gauge fill rate & 10% damage reduction              

    50% damage reduction from spark damage, 125% boost to elemental damage, 25% boost to OD fill rate

    Extra Skill: Oracle's Aura of Divination______ 30% boost to all parameters & adds removal and negation of status ailments effects for 3 turns to BB/SBB when Ritus Staff is equipped, negates elemental damage & damage taken boosts BB gauge (1-3)

    BB: Arcanum Convalēscere Maori Invoked____ Boosts BB gauge on use, reduces all elemental damage for 3 turns, damage taken boosts BB gauge for 3 tu…

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  • Ryoujii

    Summoner Avatar

    February 19, 2017 by Ryoujii

    Anyone know what is max level 3rd arc?

    My summoner avatar already is level 101, and he still gaining exp.


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  • Agni Blackheart

    Don't know if I'll do justice to ToB, but I'll try.

    Element: Fire

    Rank: Omni

    Type: Mock

    Summon: "It doesn't matter to me if I was summoned or anything. The only one I'll fight for is myself, got it?"

    Evolution: "My revenge against him is the fuel that drives me forward. Nothing else matters for me... nothing else, except for..."

    Fusion: "I'm indifferent to your aid, but I appreciate it. As long as I'm strong enough to defeat him, it's fine."

    HP: 6,491 (Base) / 8,223 (Lord, Breaker, Guardian, Oracle) / 9.008 (Anima)

    ATK: 2,733 (Base) / 3,0242,846 (Lord, Anima, Guardian, Oracle) / 3,6993,055 (Breaker)

    DEF: 2,253 (Base) / 2,547 (Lord, Anima) / 2,072 (Breaker) / 2,981 (Guardian) / 2,641 (Oracle)

    REC: 2,622 (Base) / 2,821 (Lord, Breaker) / 2,244 (Anima) …

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  • Agni Blackheart

    LS: Leader of the Rebellion (50% boost to all parameters, probable 20% damage reduction, reduces BB gauge required to BB & boosts OD gauge fill rate for 2 turns when Sparks have exceeded certain amount)

    ES: Unbreakable Authority (10% to all parameters for all allies & adds resistance to 1 KO attack after activating OD)

    BB: Cross Definition (17 combo powerful Earth attack on all foes, considerably boosts OD gauge fill rate for 3 turns, negates all status aliments for 3 turns & hugely boosts BB gauge for 3 turns)

    SBB: Union Exousia (22 combo powerful Earth attack on all foes, slightly boosts OD gauge, considerably boosts OD gauge fill rate for 3 turns & negates ATK, DEF, REC reductions and critical and elemental damage for 1 turn)

    UBB: Under the …

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  • Linathan

    Redirected from Unit Spotlight: Lasswell

    Just your standard Frontier Hunter nuker setup. Damage utility is maximized to deal the most amount of damage possible with Lasswell. Ideally, you’d go with Version 1 to get the most out of your damage across the board, considering not every enemy in Frontier Hunter you come across is going to be a fire enemy. Version 2 is ideal for players who have two Lasswells. Since Spark buffs are activated retroactively, buffs take in effect even during attack animation, meaning that previous units will be able to utilize the Spark buff if they did not have it previously.

    For players utilizing two Lasswells, the Lasswell carrying the elemental damage boost should be activated first before the second Lasswell car…

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