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  • Lagpaswalo

    So uhh.... I really wanted to play Guild Raid, but the problem is whenever i go to an open room, there's no word "Battle" or something.

    I only see the Room Masters and Members and Guardians and that's it... nothing more

    Can anyone help me with this?... today is Battle Phase

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  • XCaidx

    Name: Midnight Judge Neferet Element: Dark Rarity: Omni
    Cost: 50
    Lord-type Stats Max HP: 8269 (1500)
    Max Atk: 3130 (600)
    Max Def: 3166 (600)
    Max Rec: 3167 (600)
    Normal Attack Number of hits: 15
    Max BC generated: 45 (3 BC/hit)
    Skills: Leader Skill - Kindness Beyond Death

    • 65% boost to Def, Rec, max HP of Dark types, 10% all elemental damage reduction, enormously boosts BB Atk (300%) & negates critical damage

    Brave Burst - Thousand Lie-Shredding Gaze

    • BC required: 29
    • Max BC Generated: 18 (1 BC/hit)
    • 18 combo powerful Dark attack on all foes (420%), greatly restores HP (4000-4500 HP), hugely boosts BB Atk (450%) for 3 turns, hugely boosts Rec (35%) relative to max HP for 3 turns & considerably boosts max HP (20%)

    Super Brave Burst - Predator-is-Prey Technique

    • BC requ…

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  • 武士 ドラゴン武士

    Currently using Lune. Are there other better ones?

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  • Zhivago the Mask

    Which unit or units are you anticipating the most?  Please explain why as well as any down sides the unit may have.

    It could be a unit that is released only in JP or a unit you want an omni evo for.

    I'm doing this mainly for a survey

    As for me, I'm personally waiting for Shion/Xion.

    Reasons: LS exp boost, massive boost to hp, 10% parameters boost (since I'll be replacing Holia with Gabriela in my main squad), unique OD fill mechanism, elemental buffer, tristat buffer, simple nuking, spammable UBB


    His leader skill seems made for grinding.  Mifune-boost to attack, one of the highest if not the highest boosts to HP, screw-deerb*tch exp LS, probable defense ignore, and OD fill.  Only downside is the lack of Def and Rec, which makes it questi…

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  • Exmover

    win10 bug on BF?

    March 20, 2017 by Exmover

    anyone play BF in win10? I can't access menus on administration office. Dunno if there are any solution to this. . .

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  • DeltaHorizon020

    Title says it all. I'm actually a huge fan when it comes to reading some TV tropes page and their description. It let me knew how the game & the characters looks like and because of that, I decided to help to expand some entries in Brave Frontier TV Tropes page and it's subpages (E.g. The YMMV page) so here are my writeups for them. Constructive criticism is appreciated though :)

    The 12 Guardians are considered this to many fans of Brave Frontier. Many people are split between them should getting a 7 Stars or not. Some of them support the idea of them getting an 7* due to their story is one of the main story in the game, Others were kind of sick and tired to see them getting an OE due to how lackluster/niches some of their skillsets are and…

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  • Burniez

    Iris OE Idea

    March 15, 2017 by Burniez


    Boost 50% to HP and DEF  / Boost 8BC when guarding / Reduce 15% more damage when guarding / Reduce 20% dmg after receiving 5000 dmg

    Normal attack: 12 hit

    BB: 360%

    14 Water hit AoE / Add Fire and Water to ATK for 3 turns / Reduce 15% damage from Fire and Water for 3 turns / 30% chance to reduce 50% enemy ATK for 1 turn / 30% chance to reduce 50% enemy DEF for 1 turn

    SBB: 550%

    17 Water hit AoE / Add Fire and Water to ATK for 3 turns / Add 20% chance to reduce 30% enemy ATK to ATK for 3 turns / Add 20% chance to reduce 30% enemy DEF to ATK for 3 turns / Reduce 15% damage from Fire and Water for 3 turns

    UBB: 1500%

    21 Water hit AoE / Reduce 100% damage from Fire and Water for 3 turns / Boost 450% Water elemental weakenss damage for 3 turns / 100% chance…

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  • Linathan

    Been a long while. Just a quick Squad Spotlight to know I'm not exactly dead in creating these. They will be created at a very slow basis due to school, but better than nothing, right?

    This Frontier Gate sums up all of the BS that you can ever think of, ranging from Noel's trial nuking your squad without you knowing it, Seria's Strategy Zone trial nuking your squad without you knowing it, Karna Masta single-nuking your squad without you knowing it... I feel like I'm repeating myself. Anyway, this Squad Spotlight entails a huge guide on how to take this monstrosity of a challenge, including some of the recently released units. This FG is definitely no joke, as it's probably the hardest content we've gotten on release.

    Without further ado, let…

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  • Agni Blackheart

    LS: Ice Crow (50% boost to max HP, DEF, greatly boosts DEF when damage dealt has exceeded certain amount, damage taken considerably boosts BB gauge & restores HP each turn)

    ES: Diamond Freeze (Reduces damage taken for 2 turns when damage taken has exceeded certain amount, reduces BB gauge required for BB & adds Water element to BB/SBB for 3 turns)

    BB: SDM: Diamond Edge I (15 combo powerful Water attack on all foes, damage taken considerably boosts BB gauge for 3 turns, hugely boosts DEF for 3 turns & activates Water barrier)

    SBB: SDM: Diamond Edge II (17 combo powerful Water attack on all foes, damage taken considerably boosts BB gauge for 3 turns, hugely boosts DEF for 3 turns, considerably boosts ATK relative to DEF for 3 turns & negates cr…

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  • Agni Blackheart

    Let's keep it up!

    Element: Dark

    Rank: Omni

    Type: Summon

    Summon: "I'm the war daemon, Rokurou. Give me some good fights and I'm on it!"

    Evolution: "Heh, this isn't even close to his potential. I must grow stronger so I can defeat Shigure!"

    Fusion: "Hey, is that really all? C'mon, if you don't let yourself go wild, the fight won't feel complete! You know what I'm saying?"

    HP: 6,491 (Base) / 8,223 (Lord, Breaker, Guardian, Oracle) / 9.008 (Anima)

    ATK: 2,733 (Base) / 2,846 (Lord, Anima, Guardian, Oracle) / 3,055 (Breaker)

    DEF: 2,253 (Base) / 2,547 (Lord, Anima) / 2,072 (Breaker) / 2,981 (Guardian) / 2,641 (Oracle)

    REC: 2,622 (Base) / 2,821 (Lord, Breaker) / 2,244 (Anima) / 2,570 (Guardian) / 3,454 (Oracle)

    Normal: 8 Hits

    BB: 14-15 Hits / 25 BC Fill

    SBB: 2-…

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