• Parasytica

    Omni Luna FM

    October 20, 2017 by Parasytica

    Name: Luminous Lance Luna

    LS: 60% boost to Def, Rec and max HP, boosts BC efficacy (60%), negates ignore defense damage, restores HP every turn (900-1200 + 15% of Rec), 1 turn damage reduction when damage taken has exceeded a certain amount (20%), boosts Def when HP is low (200%)

    ES: Brave Radiance: negates status ailments, boosts BB gauge when attacked (5-8 BC's), probable HP recovery when attacked (25% chance to restore 30% of damage taken)

    BB: Armor-Piercing Stab: 17 combo powerful light attack on a single foe (580%), greatly restores HP (3500-4000+10% of own Rec), adds ignore defense to attack, 50% damage reduction for 2 turns, removes and negates status ailments

    SBB: White Phosphorus: 20 combo powerful ( 500%) light ttack on all foes, 50%…

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  • Tartarus Scythe Ender

    Leader Skill: Joyous Bloody Mirth 85% boost to all parameters of Dark types, 10% all elemental damage reduction, negates all status ailments & raises Atk parameter limits to 130000    

    Extra Skill: Black Heart Pact Damage taken boosts BB gauge, adds resistance to 1 KO attack for any ally who activates OD, 15% boost to all parameters of Female types & 100% boost to Atk and 5% reduction to max HP of Male types Fills 3 BC & 15% Crit

    Brave Burst: Wicked Delights[Support] Enormously boosts BB gauge, low probability of raising allies from KO, damage taken greatly boosts BB gauge for 3 turns, hugely boosts OD gauge fill rate for 3 turns & slightly boosts OD gauge Fills 12 BC instantly, 10% chance to revive allies with 10% HP, fills 5-8 BC on hit, 50…

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  • Parasytica

    Omni Lario FM

    October 18, 2017 by Parasytica

    Name: Canopy Sniper Lario

    LS: A Blade of Grass: 60% bosts to Atk and max HP, boosts spark damage (130%), spark damage boosts BC/HC drop rate (80%), spark damage restores HP (600-900 HP) and boosts BB gauge (1-2 BC's)

    ES: The Finest Arrow: 30% boosts to all parameters when "Sfida" is equipped, 50% boost to spark damage, normal attacks may hit all foes, (20% chanace with 50% damage penalty) adds ignore defense to BB/SBB

    BB: Poison Arrows: 40 combo powerfrul (350%) earth attack on all foes, probable random status infliction (75%), boosts spark damage (130%), boosts Atk, Def for earth types (100%), raises normal hit number (+2), boosts BC/HC drop rate (30%)

    SBB: Precision Gale: 40 combo powerful earth attack on all foes (consecutive uses boosts da…

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  • Masterings

    Fan-made Unit: Anaral

    October 16, 2017 by Masterings

    Shadow Caster Anaral 

    Element: Dark

    Rarity: Omni

    Cost: 52

    Gender: Male

    Max lv: 150

    Arena AI Type: 4

    Relative stats:

    HP: very high(1750 imp)

    Atk: TINY(300 imp)

    Def: high(700 imp)

    Rec: high(700 imp)

    Leader Skill: Shadow Realm's Barrier

    60% boost to all parameters, 60~70% damage counter, slight chance(15%) of massive(100%) damage reduction, guarding hugely boosts BB gauge(10BC).

    EX Skill: Guardian of the Shadows

    Slightly restores allies HP(200~300 +7% Rec) each turn, slightly boosts allies BB gauge(2BC) each turn, 15% boost to allies parameters.

    Normal Atk: 25 hits(2DC/hit)

    BB: Shadow Shield(24BC)

    Slight end of turn damage reduction(15%) for 2 turns, slight spark damage reduction(25%) for 2 turns, negates status ailments for 3 turns, reduces damage taken while…

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  • Parasytica

    omni Weiss FM

    October 16, 2017 by Parasytica

    Name: Righteous Tactician Weiss

    LS: Wings of Justice: 50% boost to all parameters, boosts BC/HC drop rate (20%), boosts spark damage (120%), 10% elemental reduction, negates ATK/DEF and REC reducing effects

    ES: Genius Intuition: 10% boosts to all parameters for all alies, negates critical damage, add status removal to BB/SBB

    BB: Rite of the Storm: Boosts Atk (170%), negates critical damage for 2 turns, negates Atk,Def and Rec reductions for 2 turn, boosts BC efficacy (50%), probable evasion effect for all allies (15% chance to evade attacks), boosts BB gauge (12 BC's instantly)

    SBB: Varze Rapturia: 30 combo powerful (600%) water and thunder attack on all foes, boosts OD gauge fill rate (20%), boosts spark damage (130%) and BB Atk (400%), boost…

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  • Tartarus Scythe Ender

    Leader Skill: Curse Magic Mastery 60% boost to all parameters of Dark types, greatly boosts BB Atk when HP is above 25%, hugely boosts Dark elemental damage & 10% damage reduction from Light, Dark types 300% BB Atk & 150% elemental weakness damage

    Extra Skill: Absolute Demon[Requirement(s): Book of E.N.D.] 10% boost to all parameters of Dark types for all allies, adds resistance against 1 KO attack when HP is below 20% & greatly boosts BB Atk when Book of E.N.D. is equipped 

    300% BB Atk

    Brave Burst: Memento Mori Lv. 4[Offense] 26 combo Dark attack on all foes, greatly boosts BB Atk for 3 turns, boosts own max HP & highly probable Sick, Poison, Paralysis and Curse effects

    350% BB Atk, 15% HP & 80% status infliction chance

    Super BB: Memento Mori L…

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  • Masterings

    Fan-made Unit: Dracunin

    October 13, 2017 by Masterings

    Holy Vampire Dracunin

    Element: Light

    Rarity: Omni

    Cost: 52

    Gender: Genderless

    Max lv: 150

    Arena AI Type: 2

    Relative stats:

    HP: below average (1500 imp)

    Atk: high (600 imp)

    Def: average (600 imp)

    Rec: above average (600 imp)

    Leader Skill: Lies of the Divine

    60% boost to max HP, Def, Rec, hugely boosts Atk(120%) when HP is above 50%, attacks slightly absorb HP(5~10%), massively boosts critical damage(150%), critical hits enormously boost BB gauge(8~10 BC).

    EX Skill: Cardinal of Darkness

    Negates elemental damage, largely boosts Atk relative to HP Lost(30% base, +0.9% per 1% HP lost), raises critical hit rate limit 70%>90%.

    Normal Atk: 2 hits(23DC/hit)

    BB: Enshrined Evil(31BC, 11DC/hit, self-spark)

    Light attack on all foes(170%), light and dark attack on all fo…

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    Here we go. Part 2. Got a good number of Gray and Erza this time around!

    Also an attempt on Amus!

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  • Agni Blackheart

    Before I can continue with the UNIB collab, I'll start this new batch right away.

    Element: Dark

    Rank: Omni

    Gender: Male

    Cost': '54

    Summon: "I'm nothing more than the one who leads the shadows of Ishgria. Whether chaos is the the desire of demons, there are some who wish for peace. I'm here to ensure that."

    Evolution: "For me to have fallen... heh, I can see how the saying goes: "the taller you are, the bigger the fall." I wonder if the other great demons have knowledge about that."

    Fusion: "That kid... how is he? I hope that I helped him, somehow. He seemed so conflicted..."

    "The leader of the Demonios before the arrival of the half-human who took his place and the responsible for giving him the powers he possess today. It is said that Rubicante ha…

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  • Masterings

    Fan-made Unit: Marlana

    October 11, 2017 by Masterings

    Living Conduit Marlana

    Element: Thunder

    Rarity: Omni

    Cost: 52

    Gender: Female

    Max lv: 150

    Arena AI Type: 3

    Relative stats:

    HP: above average(1500 imp)

    Atk: average(600 imp)

    Def: below average(600 imp)

    Rec: above average(600 imp)

    Leader Skill: Head of the Storm

    55% boost to all parameters, damage taken hugely boosts BB gauge(6~8BC), hugely boosts BC, HC drop rate(35%), boosts spark, critical, and elemental damage(55%).

    EX Skill: Mobile Battery

    Slightly boosts allies BC efficiency(10%), adds probable(30%) spark critical(60%) for 3 turns to BB/SBB, raises Atk parameter Limit to 130000.

    Normal Atk: 15 hits(3DC/hit)

    BB: Instant Charge(30BC, 1DC/hit)

    18 combo thunder attack on all foes(420%), largely boosts allies BB gauge(10BC, instant), hugely boosts BC efficien…

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