• Yuii268


    I'm actually blind so it's all down to one question: I've pulled a few dupe units in the time I played. Since I know there arfe other games where dupes can prove quite useful for different reasons I wanted to ask if there was a use for them here too or if they are just completely useless

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  • PhantomWhiteKnight

    Trying to make my first fantasy unit. Im basing this on gems.

    1. ===Boost all stats 100% - 10 SP===
    2. ===           Enhance to 120% - 10 SP===
    3. ===           Boost Spark Damage (150%) - 15 SP ===
    4. ===           Reduce Damage taken (10%) - 15 SP===
    5. ===           Break ATK Parameter (15000) - 5 SP===
    6. ===           Enhance BB (10%) / SBB (12%) OD Gauge boost - 15 SP===
    7. ===           Add 50% Damage reduction for 2 turns - 25 SP===
    8. ===           Enhance to 3 Turns - 10 SP===
    9. ===           Adds "Increase BB Gauge on Spark" to SBB - 15 SP===
    10. ===           Increase BB, SBB and UBB Multiplier (+100 BB, +200 SBB, +300 UBB) - 20 SP===
    11. ===           Adds all elements for 3 turns to SBB - 10 SP===
    12. ===           Adds Possible evasion (25%) for 3 turns to BB===

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  • Jeffryonkila

    vesperia wolf juri

    November 30, 2018 by Jeffryonkila

    name- vesparia wolf juri

    rareaty, omni






    leder skill "resound the cry of vectory!"

    170% boost to atk, 20% boost to hp, def and rec, 125%boost to spark damege, spark damege boost bb guage, spark damege restores hp and 25% boost to od fill rate.

    extra skill- lesdary swordsmen

    50% boost to all peramaters when a spark sphere is equiped, 50% boost to spark damege and 20% boost to all aliles peramaters if there is a female lhigt type or erath genderless type in the party.

    brave burst- "all rhigt, whos next!?"

    cast thunt, raises hit amont for all aliles, adds propaabull ko resist(50%) on self boost all aliles bb gauge

    (25 points) and fills own bb gauge to max.

    super brave burst" divine wolf!"

    20 hit dark combo on all f…

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  • KaleidoGhost

    Weird Elgif

    November 30, 2018 by KaleidoGhost

    Yeah, so I have been doing Omni Arcanum Dungeon Lv.3 farming for a while to obtain some good Elgifs.

    Today, I obtained this weird Elgif with orange stars (instead of purple) and no skills. It is also Lv.3 which is not listed in the obtainable Elgifs of the wiki's database.

    Please explain!!!

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  • JYang425

    I got rigness and 7 star Tree but i was wondering if there was any other units that were better and who i should try summoning for

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  • Exosader

    been gone for a while since i rage quited from gettin 5 toutetsus, need some help on makin a sqaud

    My Units :

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  • Frosk123

    Basically, I've been planning to do a few things however there's no way I'm going to be able to do all of it simultaneously (and in some cases, doing one will prevent me from doing another).

    So yeah, this is sort of a desperate plea for help/guidance. Would it be possible for someone to just take a look and tell me which I should do next and/or if something I plan to do is actually a terrible idea. Thanks.

    So yeah, I have a few units I've been wanting to OE but I never have enough Karma for more than one at a time (and it seems to take me ages to get enough Karma).

    The units I've been considering evolving to Omni are:

    • Breaker Spellarcher Fionna
    • Anima Holy End Roglizer - I also have a Lord one
    • Anima Phantom Victor Zephyr
    • Oracle Worldwalker Ilm
    • Break…

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  • DempseyBF

    Not long ago, I downloaded the lastest BF game, Brave Frontier,The Last Summoner. I've been so hooked with the game that I've found myself not even touching the first BF game besides getting the daily login rewards and whenever there's a Guild Raid event happening. Not to mention that a majority of my friends in my FL (Friend List) haven't logged in for a long time now mostly because of BF2 or TLS.

    My Question to you guys now is:

    Do you still play the first Brave Frontier?

    Do you find yourself playing it less and less?


    If not, do you play BF2, The Last Summoner or just move on to other games?

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  • Kaysuami

    Need help with squad building in Frontier hunter and arena here are the screenshots of my units.

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  • MotoStinger38

    What is it with this new rift? In the past, debatably no rift has ever required a specific unit to pass through it, with maybe the exception of Kielazar rift. But, Elaina was a free unit, so I personally think that is an exception to this rule. As for Aurelia Rift, it seems as though you can't really get around needing to use Nia in some way, shape, or form. I realize there have been a few HANDLEFUL of players who did indeed manage to pull through without the use of Nia, but in my opinion, not enough to rule out that Nia is 99% needed to finish this rift.

    With this being said, where does Gimu think they are heading with this? For one, they want to release power creep units, as incentive for players to keep purchasing packs. the problem with…

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