• Burniez

    Ezra Guide (Ravea Method)

    August 14, 2017 by Burniez


    Regil (Fallacy Orb, Imperial Savior) lead

    Elimo (Beiorg's Armor, The Grail), Cardes (Beiorg's Armor, Dragon Eye), Lancelot (Arondight, Daybreak Moon), Gabriela (Solar Essence Orb, Courages Aegis), Holia (Growth Device, Beiorg's Armor), Camilla (Beiorg's Armor, Schism Orb), Zenia (Obsidian Core, Infidelity Orb), Melord (Beiorg's Armor, Explosive Genoverse), Shion (Invigorating Device, Transmutating Tome), Agress (Beiorg's Armor, Bond of Rih'Alnase), Lilith (Deadening Armor, Reeze's Armor), Kanon (Barrier Mirror, Beiorg's Armor), Feeva (Sacrilage Orb, Sin of Rebellion), Rhoa (Phantom Device, Prosperous Phoenix Emblem)

    Lucius (Transmutating Tome, Explosive Genoverse) Friend lead, Ravea (Nevana Crown, Explosive Genoverse) friend 1 and Ravea (Ima, Nevana Crown) friend 2


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  • RoseCalcaire

    A Simple Test

    August 9, 2017 by RoseCalcaire

    }|UnitProp|Unit}}|prop=} |id = 760227 |no = 8290 |element = Dark |rarity = Omni |cost = 50 |maxlv = 150 |basexp = 21 |gender = M |ai = 3 |animation_attack = 152 |animation_idle = 54 |animation_move = 8 |movespeed_attack = 0.0024 |movespeed_skill = 0.0024 |speedtype_attack = 4 |speedtype_skill = 4 |movetype_attack = 1 |movetype_skill = 1 |normal_frames = 55, 57, 59, 61, 63, 75, 77, 79, 81, 83, 85, 87, 89 |normal_distribute = 8, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 6, 2, 2, 2 |normal_totaldistr = 100 |bb_frames = 55, 57, 59, 61, 63, 65, 67, 69, 71, 72, 73, 76, 79, 82, 85, 88, 91, 94, 96, 98, 100, 102, 104,…

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  • Burniez

    Andaria OE Idea

    August 8, 2017 by Burniez


    Boost 60% to all stats / Boost 30% Crit rate / Reduce 25% BC cost / 100% Chance to reduce 20-25% BB gauge used / Reduce 20% damage for 2 turns after dealing 15 Sparks

    Normal attack: 17 hits

    BB: 420%

    28 Earth hit AoE / Nullifies all status ailments for 3 turns / Cure all status ailments / 75% chance to inflict all status ailments / Reduce 25% Spark damage for 2 turns

    SBB: 620%

    34 Earth hit AoE / Boost 9BC for 3 turns / Boost 70% BC fill rate for 3 turns / Boost 10% OD fill instantly / Nullify Crit damage for 2 turns / Nullify Elemental Weakness damage for 2 turns

    UBB: 1500%

    45 Earth hit AoE / Boost 100BC for 3 turns / Boost 350% Spark damage for 3 turns / Increase normal hitcont +3 for 3 turns / Boost 350% to ATK, DEF and REC for 3 turns


    When Bow …

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  • Someloser9

    Hey all.

    I just wanted to know what unit other players are going to choose for the free unit they get for logging in for 40 days during the current summer event. I myself have no idea as to which unit I'll choose so have fun convincing me.

    Just don't suggest a water type, I have enough of those.

    Formatting: (Unit [ie. Diastima, Shion]) (Type [ie. Anima, Oracle]) (Reason why said unit and type was chosen [ie. I chose Rowgen with Breaker type so I can 360 noscope all the newbies])

    Thanks in advance.

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  • StarryBerserker

    Name: Sky King Starry

    Rarity: Omni

    Element: Light

    Cost: 275

    Paramters Maxed (Lord): HP: 35K

    ATK: 8k

    DEF: 5k

    REC: 1000k

    Leader Skill: King's Morale

    50% buff to all parameters, 500% buff to DEF for 2 turns when HP is under 15%, Spark slightly fills BB gauge, BB fill when damaged and 150% to BB ATK.

    ES: King of the Air

    (Requires a ATK Boost sphere) 45% boost to ATK, 1000% buff to BB ATK when ATK parameter is 55k or above, 300% buff to DEF is below 10% and adds 5000 HP Light barrier to SBB.

    BB: Storm of Decimation

    18 huge (350%) Light, Earth and Lightning attack on all foes, adds huge HoT (4000-6000) to all units for 2 turns, enormous boost to BB ATK (125%), hugely fills BB gauge (10 BC), large boost to ATK, DEF and REC (150%), adds immunity to 1 KO attack…

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  • YuichiroHyodo

    Tip 1 Gem resourcing:

    A mistake I see a lot of newer players do is everytime they get 5 gems they summon but it's actually better to save them.

    Gems are useful because you can summon with the, refill your energy, refill orbs... etc

    Why is it good to save gems?

    Because the summoning gates always change and sometime they make it where a certian few units will appear more than others and lets say you need a good damage mitagation unit such as Krantz and lets say you saved up 20 gems thats 4 summons and if you get him off the first or second summon you have 10 more gems waiting so you can farm metal parade and evolution dungeons so you max him out fast.

    ... More will be added later

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  • Agni Blackheart

    Disclaimer: This is not related to the already existing Agni, to the continet of Grand Gaia or a Mock Unit of myself.

    The BB and OD booster arrives.

    Element: Thunder

    Rank: Omni

    Gender: Male

    Summon: "I'm Agni Artwaltz, 2nd Draconic General of Heaven! You don't need to worry anymore, because I'm here to aid you as a friend!"

    Evolution: "I began to break all prejudice against myself. Once a fallen angel, now I'm respected by everyone. I didn't do that only because I wanted to, but because people were supporting me."

    Fusion: "Let's leave this Fusion session as a secret. I don't want them knowing about you giving me somthing, especially if ???????? ends up knowing."

    "A close friend of the Ultima Triplets, especially of the Ultima Knight. Agni was once a fall…

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  • Burniez

    Aurelia OE Idea.

    August 1, 2017 by Burniez


    Boost 60% to HP, DEF and REC / Nullify all status ailments / Boost 4-8BC when ATKed / 20% chance to cast Angel Idol once

    Normal attack: 14 hits

    BB: -

    Cure all status ailments / Null all status ailments for 3 turns / Gradually Heal 4000-4500HP + 15% REC of unit for 3 turns / Cast 600% Damage over turn (DoT) for 3 turns / 25% chance to heal 25-30% HP when ATKed for 3 turns / Boost REC relative to 35% HP for 3 turns

    SBB: 600%

    19 Light AoE hits / Boost 9BC for 3 turns / Heal all allies 5000-5500HP + 40% REC of unit / Boost 180% to DEF and REC for 3 turns / Boost DEF relative to 90% REC for 3 turns

    UBB: 1500%

    23 Light AoE hits / 80% chance to survive 1KO with Angel Idol 999 turns / 80% chance to revive dead allies / 100% chance to heal 100% HP when ATK…

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  • Noot Nooot

    As with much of these blogs I'll include a link of reference which you can look at for more detail, as well as include the unit page with the modified SP options attached directly bellow. I've selected which SP's are best to pick for Guild Raids (GR) and if you require any extra details simply comment bellow to ask.

    The original page for Battle Adimiral Laresa is as follows:

    Ushi's Unit Review Link: 

    Btw, Ushi's review is quite poor for GR. He focused on Laresa being mainly a quest/raid/FG/FH unit rather than focus on GR. Here we'll change that. 

    }|UnitProp|Unit}}|prop=} |id = 810288 |no = 8315 |element …

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  • Agni Blackheart

    Time for the batch's healer!

    Element: Water

    Rank: Omni

    Gender: Female

    Summon: "Please, deposit all your suffering on me. I do not care how heavy your burden is, share your hope and your despair with my soul and allow me to ease your pain."

    Evolution: "I once thought that I was alone, but the Ultima Triplets have saved me from ruin. Even now, I have someone I love and I must protect... and of course, I must protect you as well."

    Fusion: "Power is something I am not too proud to receive. If it is yours, however, I shall kindly take it."

    "A young teenager girl who is the Goddess of Healing and a close friend of the Ultima Triplets. Anna was once a human, blessed with the power to heal people. However, she sacrificed her own life to save her friends when t…

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