• BryanZephyrus

    Stat boosting

    January 18, 2018 by BryanZephyrus

    Hi just a quick question, do LS,BB skill, etc. boost stats based on the units' stats when boosted by spheres or their regular stats?

    • For the sake of my curiosity >w<
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  • D Man o3o

    Resources BFFrameAnimator v2.1.2 (direct download link):


    Tutorial This Blog is to help you set up and use the BFFrameAnimator to generate sprites either for your own needs or to upload to the Wiki.

    Notice:This generator can sometimes cause some frames to have a yellow BG, if that is the case you will need to look up and download a program called GIMP if you do not own Photoshop.

    Downloading and setting up the BFFrameAnimator Please make sure you have downloaded and/or updated Java prior to setting this up. This will prevent problems from occurring.

    Basic knowledge on how to open and use the Command Prompt …

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  • Masterings

    Fan-made Unit: Adrian

    January 3, 2018 by Masterings

    Sacred Corona Adrian

    Element: Fire

    Rarity: Omni

    Cost: 54

    Gender: Female

    Max lv: 150

    Arena AI Type: 2 


    HP: 8800 (1500 imp)

    Atk: 3200 (600 imp)

    Def: 3100 (600 imp)

    Rec: 3100 (600 imp)

    Leader Skill: Sublime Hearth

    65% boost to max HP, Atk, Def, hugely boosts Rec relative to HP lost(1.5% per 1% HP lost), probable status ailment counter(10% weak, sick, injury, 7% poison, paralysis, curse), considerably restores HP each turn(1000~1200 +10% Rec), negates Atk, Def, Rec reduction effects.

    EX Skill: Energy of the Gods

    Considerably boosts BB Atk(200%), negates elemental damage, very slightly boosts allies BB gauge(2BC) each turn.

    Normal Atk: 14 hits(4DC/hit)

    BB: Greek Blazer(23BC, 1DC/hit)

    17 combo powerful Fire and Water attack on all foes(380%), 50% damage re…

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  • KKytes

    Dark Vortex Arena

    January 2, 2018 by KKytes

    Hullo everyone! Happy New Year! How's your 2018 going so far? (o3o)/

    For the first time, we actually have advanced notice for the set dates for the Dark Vortex Arena, and with a couple of days to go before the start of the event, I thought it was about time to make the Dark Vortex Arena Unit Spotlight! And tldr? The battle for the top 5000 will be rough.

    If you're new to this whole string of blogs, basically what this is is a "brief" summary of which units to expect in the Vortex Arena. The spotlight includes their respective buffpools, skills, and Skill Point options, as well as a quick explanation detailing why exactly these units are dangerous. Without further ado, let's get to it!

    FYI, this whole blog is pretty hard work - I can fit in ab…

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  • Crimson Storm Mich
    • NOTE: - Refer here for all the previous info of BF2

    Famitsu is a japanese gaming magazine published by Enterbrain, Inc. and Tokuma. In 2014, the japanese version of Brave Frontier collaborated with Famitsu which resulted in Nekky being ported to Brave Frontier. 2 of Alim's staff were originally from Famitsu before going to Alim.

    • BF2 is 60% done
    • Release date is still within Winter.
    • More info to come on Late Jan.

    BF2 is set 20 years after the first game. In this game, there are two main characters, and stories are drawn from each viewpoint.

    In terms of mechanics, Xross Brave Burst (XBB) can be activated by having certain characters on the field. Also, new attack styles are available such as Row attacks.

    There's also story quests which have fixed char…

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  • Burniez

    Jack OE Idea

    December 27, 2017 by Burniez


    Boost 60% to all stats / Boost 150% Spark damage / Boost 175% Crit damage / Boost 100% to ATK and DEF when HP is above 50% / Raise ATK parameter limit to 150000

    Normal attack: 16 hits

    BB: 450% and 600%

    16 Water, Earth and Light AoE hits and 5 Water Randon hits / 50% chance to reduce 50% of foes' ATK and DEF for 3 turns / Boost 10BC for 3 turns / Cast Ignore defense for 3 turns / Negates ATK, DEF and REC debuff for 3 turns

    SBB: 750% and 900%

    18 Water, Earth and Light AoE hits and 8 Water ST hits / Fill own BB gauge to max / Add 35% chance to reduce 30% of foes' ATK and DEF for 3 turns to ATK for 3 turns / Boost 160% to Spark damage for 3 turns / Boost 75% Crit damage for 3 turns / Boost 200% to ATK for 3 turns / Boost 150% to ATK and DEF to self…

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  • Raymond1608

    Nick's OE Idea

    December 26, 2017 by Raymond1608

    If you happen to be found my blank page about Nick' and etc like that... Ignore it, it's an accident... My nails was too long and I got myself pressed the enter button, there you go, it's all happened because of my nails. Nick's OE this time was based on Frontier's Rift so the cost would be 60 Cost, which means he will be powerful AF.

    • Bad-ass Santa!
    • Gentle yet Furiously powerful!
    • Nice and Naughty Wielder

    10 powerful Earth attack on all foes, 5 powerful Earth attack on single foe (Damage relatives to remaining HP) and 10 powerful Dark attack on random foes, Add probable Elemental and Critical Vulnerability for 3 turns, Hugely Boost Item and Treasure Drop Rate for 3 turns & Slightly reduce Elemental Damage for 1 turn.


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  • Raymond1608

    Fan-Unit: Nick'

    December 26, 2017 by Raymond1608


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  • Zephrysc

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    December 25, 2017 by Zephrysc

    Hope you all enjoy the holidays, and have a Happy New Year! Here's to 2018!

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  • Reborn23

    Hi everyone! I'm trying to build a 100% BB gauge reduction Krantz. I know that it is possible because I already tried it with Shera as Leader and Ezra as Friend Leader. Then I gave him Invigorating Device and Forbidden Apple. In the end: 30% (Ezra) + 25% (Shera) + 15% (Invigorating Device) and + 20% (Forbidden Apple) + 20% by his ES = 110%. And it really worked! Now I want to reach infinity BB/SBB for him in Arena like Ezra is able to by her Enhacement.

    Till now Ortus (30%) and Elder Hat (25%) are the highest BB gauge reduction Spheres I've found. If I give these to Krantz he can reach 55% due to Spheres +20% by ES and + 25% by LS. Unfortunately I don't have these Spheres yet. Are there alternative Spheres which can reach 55% reduction? Or …

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