• Masterings

    Spiritual Justice Jindin
    Element: Dark
    Rarity: Omni
    Cost: 60
    Gender: Male
    Max lv: 150
    Arena AI Type: 1

    HP: 8,751 (1500 imp)
    Atk: 3,411 (600 imp)
    Def: 3,287 (600 imp)
    Rec: 3,356 (600 imp)

    Leader Skill: Opposition of Wars
    80% boost to all parameters, 10% damage reduction from all types, enormously boosts BB Atk(300%), hugely boosts BC, HC drop rate(30%), probable(15%) spark critical(65%) for 2 turns when HC collected exceeds a certain amount(10HC), boosts Def relative to Atk(25%) for 2 turns when BC collected exceeds a certain amount(20BC), slight DoT reduction(15%) for 2 turns when guarding.

    EX Skill: Shared Justice
    15% boost to parameters for all allies, slightly boosts HC efficiency(15%) for all allies, negates elemental damage.

    Normal Atk: 10 hi…

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  • Masterings

    Spectrum Mirror Halcylin 
    Element: Light
    Rarity: Omni
    Cost: 60
    Gender: Female
    Max lv: 150
    Arena AI Type: 2

    HP: 8,865 (1,500 imp)
    Atk: 3,352 (600 imp)
    Def: 3,268 (600 imp)
    Rec: 3,217 (600 imp)

    Leader Skill: Hex Light Soul 
    150% boost to Atk, 30% boost to max HP, Def, Rec when 4 or more elements are present, 60% boost to max HP, Def, Rec, enormously boosts elemental damage(180%), probable(25%) HP restoration when attacked(25%), slight DoT reduction(15%) for 2 turns when damage dealt exceeds a certain amount(10,000).

    EX Skill: Solidified Light Body
    Adds all elements to attack for 3 turns effect to BB/SBB, negates elemental damage for all allies, hugely boosts OD gauge fill rate(50%).

    Normal Atk: 7 hits(7DC/hit)

    BB: Light Weaver(20BC, 3DC/hit)
    7 combo po…

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  • Zennyu

    Although in The Sacred Empire of Righteous Authority, not all young royals can maintain their places on the throne, watch as Ariya and Elion avenge their now-foreign places of the Zelathonian throne…..and possibly cause their new ones…


    Name  Rebellious Erinye Ariya

    Element  Thunder

    Gender Female

    Rarity Omni

    'Summon:' “ Hmmmm, I don’t mind this interesting Sabre that T’ran has given me….but I feel like I deserve something more,  don’t ya think?

    Fusion: “This is good, but it’s not enough...I need more, that reaper of hers sure is gettin’ her through...I know it belonged to me first..

    Evolution: “ Ok, I’m finished with playing around with her!!! It belongs to me and I will get it back!, Even if I have to kill my own sister…

    Boundless Injustice_ 250% …

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  • ShineKuzu

    Brave Frontier all gets down to team composition and strategy. It is very interesting how many of the players in this game now go for monotype for the mechanic, Elemental Paradigm, which grants many stat bonuses.

    Well, I recommend a new type of mechanic: Set Bonus!

    Essentially, it would work in a similar fashion: having all characters of the same type of set would get you a special bonus applied to all of the characters. Of course, they have to be all of the same set. The bonuses increase as one goes from Omni to Omni+3.

    (can't find image :()

    The Sphere Originators set contains Zegstia, Wintia, Daltisk, Liminate, Amadream, and Roglizer. A possible bonus for them could be:

    All at least Omni: +20% all parameters, +10% critical hit chance, +30% sp…

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  • Sidamhcuot

    hello there,

    I would like to ask about the SP build for the 6 sphere originators?? by some luck, i have all of them. I tried looking thru the comment but some are not enough.

    hoping for some kind hearts.

    thanks in advance 

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  • SekaiJutsu

    Raid Boss Glitch

    May 17, 2018 by SekaiJutsu

    Hi all, 

    Does anyone else have the glitch in Raid Mode where the boss doesn't die and revives with an x% of health? 

    I can't farm for Caliburn like this xC.

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  • Albert Arlington

    What best units resist ko?

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  • Albert Arlington

    Who units recomend gain BB, resist and spark vunariblity?

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  • KKytes

    Earth Vortex Arena 2.0

    May 11, 2018 by KKytes

    Hullo everyone! It's been quite a while, hasn't it? My bad... been sorting some stuff out on my end. Apologies. (; owo) 

    If you're new to this series of blogposts of mine, basically what I do here is provide a synthesized list of units you'd expect to see in this month's Vortex Arena. The spotlight includes their respective buffpools, skills, and Skill Point options, as well as a quick explanation detailing why exactly these units are dangerous.

    Since I already did make an Earth Vortex Arena spotlight, this particular list should be fairly easier to send out - but I will have to rewrite most of my previous work. To be frank it's pretty bad, haha.

    Essentially, this entire blog is a giant WIP.

    Last update: May 14, 2018; 7:56 AM, UTC

    There are a t…

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  • Roy155

    Bloom ticket

    May 9, 2018 by Roy155

    i Haven't gotten 2 bloom ticket in the pass 2 days

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