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  • Crimson Storm Mich

    Exciting news this month.

    Claim from Menu -> Links (Top Middle Button) -> Vargas Banner. Rewards until May 2 23:59 JST.

    • 3 Artons
    • 2 Emperors
    • 1 Mecha God Set

    The May Legacy Updates are Shida and Lilith! Reminder that you can purchase their base forms for 10 and 15 gems respectively in the Absolute Summon banner (確定召喚)

    Next month's batch features those related to Shida!

    You've conquered the newer and better Fallen Gods but will you be able to take on Lucius?

    The mystery rewards for HR 90 and 99 have been revealed! These units are separate from their original versions.

    Retweet THIS link and get rewards for each milestone! Rewards will be given out on May 18.

    • 1,000 RTs - 1 Crystal Set
    • 2,000 RTs - 3 Artons
    • 3,000 RTs - 1 Frog Set
    • 4,000 RTs - 5,000 Merit Point…

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  • Jamaka2001

    Summoner Weapons

    April 27, 2017 by Jamaka2001

    This is a WIP, but if continued, will contain images for the Summoner Weapons, updates in due time.

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  • Sethimothy

    Don't blame me. Blame yourself or God. Or maybe User:Nyonne.

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  • HQDominator

    Smash Shot Guide

    April 23, 2017 by HQDominator

    Hellooo everyone.  Due to popular request, here is HQDominator’s Comprehensive Smash Shot Guide! Yahoo!

    Do you want to get high scores in Smash Shot?  Would you like to impress your friends and (maybe) family?  That cute girl (or boy) won’t go out with you because your Smash Shot score isn’t high enough?  Or maybe you just want the Elgif?  Yeah, that makes sense.  Look no further, today you will have your eyes opened.

    The number one, most important, easiest to do tip I can give is this, use a crappy device.  What?  You mean my iPhone 7+++++ is bad for this mini-game?  Yes.  Yes it is.  Let me explain.

    The older and/or laggier the system is, the slower this mini-game will run.  Which means the game thinks it runs at the same speed as other sys…

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  • Tartarus Scythe Ender

    Leader Skill: Impregnable Defense 60% boost to max HP, 130% boost to Spark damage, boosts Atk, Def, Rec relative to remaining HP & slightly reduces damage taken for 2 turns when Sparks exceed certain amount20% parameter boost + 0.4% boost per 1% HP remaining - 60% boost at full HP total & 20% reduction after 15 Sparks        

    Extra Skill: Selfishness[Requirement(s): Arondight] 30% boost to Def and max HP, adds status ailment removal effect to BB/SBB when Arondight is equipped & 100% boost to Spark damage            

    Brave Burst: Mechanical Hoplite[Offense] 27 combo powerful Dark attack on all foes, 50% damage reduction for 1 turn, hugely boosts Def relative to Atk for 3 turns & negates critical damage for 2 turns70% Atk to Def               …

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  • XCaidx

    Well, according to them there will be a big news in this month BNC (please let it be Tridon/Allanon/Nyami/Ultor/Deimos/Gazia OE!), before everything I want to clarify that in all honestly I don't know if this was traduced from the japanese or there actually will be an announcement on GL BNC, so what do you guys think about it?

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  • Tremayne12

    On October 28, 2016, I had posted a 7* form idea for Luna after Mifune's Omni form was released. On April 4, 2017, I had posted an Omni form idea for Luna. Here are both of them in this one post, and feel free to give opinions about both of them.

    7* Form idea for Luna

    Name: Rainbow Princess Luna

    Normal Hit Count: 8 (24 DC/ 3 per hit)

    Leader Skill: Rightous Combat Lore (Boosts Atk and Def by 40% for all allies, boosts BB gauge fill rate, considerably boosts Spark damage dealted, and largely boosts BC drop rate during Spark) (20% boost to BB gauge fill rate, 150% boost to Spark damage, & 40% boost to BC drop rate during Spark)

    Extra Skill: Prism Combat Wave (Greatly boosts Spark damage dealted & largely boosts BC drop rate during Spark) (75% boost to Sp…

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  • Da1dx

    Help me

    April 19, 2017 by Da1dx

    I've cleared the first part of the end of an empire but I need help on figuring out the second run. It seems I only need two runs since there are only two medals.

    How do I get the gold!? Read more >
  • MyoXotiS

    So I know that some of you may have not cleared these quests yet (even if these quests is pretty old). But for all you people who need a very brief guide on how to beat them, I'll provide it, based on my own experience.

    Squad Setup

    • Units must have at least 19000+ base HP (best this way to prevent bad RNG kills)
    • Defense > Offense.
    • Control amount of BBs used (for Karna Pasta)
    • Here are the buffs that I recommend you to have
      • Mitigation buff (preferably 2-turn) [Elimo, Eleanor, Krantz, Hisui, etc]
      • Heal buffs (burst heal, HoT, heal on damage taken, etc) [Holia, Gabriela, Neferet, etc.]
      • Stat up buffs and stat up based on another stat, preferably those who boost Defense and Recovery [Hisui, Kanon, Elimo, Melord, etc.]
      • Negate crit/elemental damage and atk d…

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  • KassiasGrandiel

    I was thinking about. What if there was a "Shion" equlivalent of BB management? There you go, you got Cano, with BB management buffs similar to that of Zelnite and "spark boosts parameters" buff.

    Note that the spark drills FG does have a sphere with "attack boost on spark" so Japan may be approaching spark buffers that also boost parameters on spark.

    Name: Alluring Beauty Cano

    Type: Light

    Cost: 54

    LS: 60% to all parameters, hugely boosts BB fill rate (60%) and hugely boosts BC/HC rates (45%) and damage dealt boosts BB gauge.

    ES: Add spark boosts BB gauge (5-6 BCS) and spark critical (25%) to BB/SBB.

    BB: 32 hit Light attack on all enemies, boosts spark damage (130%), probable spark debuff, adds parameter boost on spark (50% at 100 sparks maximum) …

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