Item frame 2 Materials
Benizuru Feather
Item thum 200
Item Lore:
The otherwordly Ohbanahara is home to large, red-feathered avian called benizuru. These rare creatures almost never show themselves to humans, but they have been revered as symbols of long life and prosperity since acient times. Benizurus sometimes leave pale red tail feathers behind when they pass through an area, and old legends hold that finding one will ensure a major lucky break in the near future.
Tail feathers from a large avian native to Ohbanahara.
Sale Price: Zell thum 50 Zel
Extra Skill:

Crafts Into
Ls sphere thum 7 8 Worship Charm 5
Ls sphere thum 6 6 Myrmidon Helm 10

How to Obtain
  • Ohbanahara
    • Bluesun Grove Path
      • Bamboo Cacophony
    • Prosperity Fields
      • Glistening Fields
    • Calamity Plains
      • Winds of Corruption
      • Ghastly Scars
    • Defensive Checkpoint
      • Mighty Swarms