Item frame 2 Materials
Aroma Water
Item thum 405
Item Lore:
This water can be drawn from natural springs in the mountains of Ohbanahara. It is incredibly clear, yet also gives off a remarkable aroma. One theory holds that this spring water has mystical healing effects able to cure many diseases, and that it has healed numerous people that live near its source. Others contend that its location in the mountains does not limit its benefits to humans, and that many living things seek it out for the same reasons.
Water from a mountain spring in Ohbanahara.
Sale Price: Zell thum 10 Zel
Extra Skill:

Crafts Into
Ls sphere thum 7 8 Worship Charm 10
Ls sphere thum 9 3 Forbidden Blade 5

How to Obtain
  • Ohbanahara
    • Prosperity Fields - Tranquil Winds
    • Grand Bridge
      • Winds Over Water
      • River Crossing
    • Skyblock Walls - Whispering Fortress