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Ghost Ship Legnia
Element Water
Element Water
Quest / Boss Energy Battles EXP EXP/Energy Rare Captures
A Water God Appears 14 11 2,380 170
Unit ills thum 20014 


  • Selena heals after every attack based on her first hit on a unit times 10.
  • Selena has an AOE, Cocytus Zero that is randomly used
  • Selena can be weakened and injured
  • Selena can be paralysed
  • Focuses one person per round and will attack 3 or more times ( Recommended to keep unit health above 3k )
  • Selena can be poisoned


Unit ills thum 20202 
Frozen Blades 12 10 2,240 186.67
Unit ills thum 20103 
Unit ills thum 30092 


  • Sergio's attacks can cause weakness.
  • Dryad's AOE attacks can cause poison.
  • Dryad can have double AOE Attacks in one turn.
  • Dryad can be poisoned
  • Recommended to bring in Drake God Lodin or Lotus Axe Michelle to defeat respective counter elemental boss


Dragon's Roar 12 9 2,140 178.33
Unit ills thum 20023 
Unit ills thum 20113 


  • Loch Ness' attacks can cause poison.
  • Both Zephu and Loch Ness can be paralyzed
  • Loch Ness uses "Calamity Wave" every 3rd turn.
  • Zephu's attacks can cause weakness.

Venture Inside 10 8 1,980 198 (BEST)
Unit ills thum 20152 
Unit ills thum 20041 
Unit ills thum 20062 


  • Elimo uses "Aether Guard" every 3rd turn which heals for over 5000 HP and adds a DEF buff to all targets for 3 turns.
  • Elimo should be defeated first.
  • Healer Merith casts her Brave Burst Icicle Edge randomly.

Party On Board 10 8 1,830 183
Unit ills thum 20092 
Unit ills thum 20072 
Unit ills thum 20072 
Unit ills thum 20072 


  • Each Scylla receives an attack boost when under half health.
  • Undine can be poisoned and weakened.

General Zone Details
  • Wendigo can cause injury.
  • Pirate Verica can cause weakness.
  • Focus first on Priest Merith and Rantoul during encounters as they both cast AOE frequently.
  • Advisable to bring thunder units for all quests except Frozen Blades.
  • Green Drop, Green Grass, Red Drop, Blue Grass, Demon Claw, Heth Feather, Water Eye, Yellow Pelt

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