Saji Mines
Element Thunder
Element Thunder
Quest / Boss Energy Battles EXP EXP/Energy Rare Captures
A Thunder God Strikes 14 11 2,450 175
Unit ills thum 40014 


  • Brave Burst "Heavenly Thunder" has a chance to cause Weakness and Injury
  • He also have AOE BB "Thunder Expulsion", which is used more often.
  • Can be Poisoned.


Lightning Quick Attack 12 10 2,340 195
Unit ills thum 40103 
Unit ills thum 10092 


  • Sky King Falma's attacks have a chance to cause Paralyze.
  • Firedrake uses an AoE with a chance to cause Weakness. Can be Poisoned.

Where Thunder Pulses 12 9 2,260 188.33
Unit ills thum 40113 
Unit ills thum 40023 


  • King Behemoth uses "Meteor Zapper" every 3rd turn, with a chance to cause Injury.
  • Commander Weiss uses "Thunder's Reign" every 3rd turn which gives targets an ATK buff for 3 turns.
  • Commander Weiss can be paralyzed or poisoned.
  • Commander Weiss also casts an AOE Burst randomly
  • Recommended to kill King Behemoth first

Enlightenment of the Ages 10 8 2,050 205 (BEST)
Unit ills thum 40152 
Unit ills thum 40041 
Unit ills thum 40062 


  • Tinkerer Elulu uses "Spark Hammer" every 3rd turn.
  • Tinkerer Elulu's attacks have a chance to injure.
  • Tinkerer Elulu can be paralyzed and injured.

The Rotting Bridge 10 8 1,920 192
Unit ills thum 40092 
Unit ills thum 40072 
Unit ills thum 40072 
Unit ills thum 40072 


  • Thunderbird uses "Lighting Bolt" and his attacks have a chance to Paralyze.

General Zone Details
  • Green Drop, Green Grass, Red Drop, Blue Grass, Demon Claw, Golden Bug, Yellow Bone, Heth Feather, Yellow Pelt